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Codex text

In a peculiar shop in Kirkwall, a large chest sits filled with letters and cards. Upon closer inspection, each is an invitation. Events of every possible description are represented: grand balls held in the palace at Val Royeaux, the wedding of the reigning king and queen of Nevarra, countless naming day parties, the Chantry's solstice celebrations for six consecutive years in Cumberland, five different versions of the invitation to the funeral of Ser Roland Ferrar dated five years apart.

Ship-naming ceremonies. Quickly-penned notes suggesting business lunches, one signed in blood. Several invitations to duels sent between the same two families in Antiva City over a period of forty years. Nineteen letters from members of the Dwarven Merchants Guild addressed to Varric Tethras of Kirkwall, asking him to attend critical guild meetings. One very fine embossed card, yellowing with age, from the Grand Cathedral inviting the King of Antiva to tea with Divine Theodosia II.

Given their current location, it seems unlikely any of these invitations were answered by their intended recipients, and less likely that they were ever received at all. Would anyone buy such things? I can hardly imagine.

—From the letters of Brother Ferdinand Genitivi to Sister Petrine, Chantry scholar

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