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Codex text

There have been several Chantry investigations to determine whether the dowsers' art is magical in nature, but nothing conclusive has ever been determined. In 3:86 Towers, Divine Joyous II declared that the practice of dowsing was freely permitted by the Chantry on the grounds that dowsers never attempted to use their skills for nefarious purposes.

A brief theological debate ensued over what sort of nefarious purposes a dowser might have; the worst possible dowsing-related crime suggested by Grand Cleric Willhemina of Hossberg was that they might go looking for poisonous worms which could be left in the chantry offertory. The Chantry agreed that this, while unacceptable, was a relatively mild threat.

—From Of Fires, Circles, and Templars: A History of Magic in the Chantry by Sister Petrine, Chantry scholar

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