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Codex entry: Blood-Splattered Notes

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Codex text

These appear to be the scribbled notes of a scholar named Erwine Cavy. The elements have ruined most of the writing:

...ow many times have I sought information on the Dalish only to find that it is, once again, a tale told by "Keeper Gisharel of the Ralaferin clan"? We can't have one Keeper from years ago be our sole source of knowledge on the Dalish. There must be other voices in the Dalish clans. Other perspectives that...

The elves cannot all be as hostile as most would... a dark smear obscures the writing... conclude that is it our prejudice speaking, when we repeat these damaging untrut...

...when I return, the university will finally acknowledge my contributions to Thedosian history. Ferdinand Genitivi, step aside!

...remarkably difficult to locate. I'm walking in circles. But take heart, Erwine! This is all for a good cause. There must be someone in this forest who can point me to the Dalish. I'll ask the next person I come...