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Codex text

The Battle of River Dane is among the most famous in Ferelden's history, fought at the onset of the Dragon Age in a bid to secure the country's independence from Orlesian rule.

The Fereldan army was cobbled together from commoners and banns who had turned against the Orlesian usurper, King Meghren. Even so, under the leadership of Loghain Mac Tir, they scored an astounding victory against a large force of chevaliers fording the River Dane.

Afterwards, Loghain was hailed as a Fereldan legend, and for a time veterans of the battle enjoyed similar status. The soldiers' possessions became prized mementos, in particular the suits of armor belonging to those early supporters who joined Maric after the death of his mother, Moira, the Rebel Queen. Folk tales suggest that the Maker's blessing lives on in the armor those brave allies wore on that fateful day.