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Codex text

Although this wax-stoppered vessel is clearly labeled "Tears Shed During the Burning of Treviso", many questions remain, not the least of which is: Which burning of Treviso? When the Qunari conquered it in 6:35 Steel? When it was burned by the liberating armies of the White and Black Divines during the Second Exalted March of 7:52 Storm? Or when it was accidentally burned to the ground in 8:62 Blessed after a dockhand knocked over a lantern in a warehouse full of lamp oil?

Even assuming the correct event could be determined, the question of whose tears have been collected remains. Presumably not any of the numerous fire victims. Surviving relatives, perhaps? Nobles with summer homes on the Antivan coast? It should be noted that nowhere on the label does it say that these tears were shed in relation to the event, so they could have been the tears of a woman in Montsimmard, weeping because she was not asked to dance at the last costume ball, unaware that at that very moment, one of the greatest port cities of Thedas was aflame.

—From the letters of Brother Ferdinand Genitivi to Sister Petrine, Chantry scholar

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