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See also: Weapon: Yusaris

Codex text

(Much of this is illegible)

Day 42: I begin to suspect that we are being manipulated, as if by some unseen hand far above us. Always, I heard the sound of clicking. Click-click. Click-click.

(Several pages are missing, and much of the ink on the remaining pages has run together.)

.. and then told them I wouldn't take any cheese unless it came directly from the Revered Mother's hand...

(Mud or something similar has soaked the pages here.)

Day 115: My mother told me I was special. I never knew how right she was...

(the ink has smeared horribly.)

It was Yusaris! I swear it! It looked just like the carving in the Arl's drawing room. I sent it to the Circle to verify, but I haven't heard...

-- From a very chewed and moist book.

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  • The Warden can find Yusaris in the Circle Tower, if they complete the Watchguard of the Reaching sidequest.
  • The "Day 42" entry is an in-joke by the developers, referring to an "unseen hand" manipulating events (the player) and the clicking of a computer's mouse.

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