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Codex entry: A Study of the Fifth Blight, Vol. Two

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Codex entry
A Study of the Fifth Blight, Vol. Two

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A book in the north of the market square in Hightown during the day (Act 2)
See also: Fifth Blight

Codex text

The Wardens sought Arl Eamon, uncle of the late King Cailan, in the hopes of mustering troops from the Ferelden nobility. Upon arriving in Redcliffe they learned that the arl had fallen ill and was near death. His knights had gone in pursuit of the fabled Ashes of Andraste, Eamon's only hope for a cure, and the village surrounding the Keep was beset by a host of animated corpses. The Wardens found and stopped the demon behind the undead before joining the search for Eamon's cure.

Further information

Bug icon Bug! The codex entry is cut off in the middle through an unknown bug, most likely an issue with the imported plot flags of Dragon Age: Origins.

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