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Codex text

Entry 1

Used quicklime to preserve her feet. Unsure whether texture of the skin is to my liking. Will try other methods.

Entry 2

Mharen... it's a pretty name. I saw her hands. Long, slender fingers. Fair skin—the hands of a lifelong scholar. Oh, to lock my own clumsy fingers in hers again...

Entry 3

Today is our anniversary. Had hoped to complete my work before now, but one piece is missing. I'm so sorry, love. Please wait a little longer. I haven't forgotten my promise.

When I see it, I'll know. I would know that face anywhere.

Entry 4

It's close, now. My long wait is almost over.

Am I doing the right thing? It all seemed so clear to me, but now... what have I become? When did this happen? Someone will eventually try to stop me. I've left too many clues for them not to. When they come, should I try to stop them? Maybe the Maker took her from me because I deserved to lose her.

No. It's too late for me to stop, now. The Maker will need to stop me if he thinks I need to be stopped.

No one else.

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