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Codex entry: A Note from the Honnleath Village Council

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Codex text

Mistress Matilda,

The council has unanimously agreed to put you in charge of the decorations for Honnleath's upcoming harvest festival. We all adored what you did with the village for the winter solstice. As usual, the statue must be adorned with items that capture the essence of the season. Iris kindly offered the use of her wide-brimmed straw hat with the berries and daisies and would love to see it on the statue. Farmer Goodman will also donate some of his baby pumpkins. We think a garland of small pumpkins and ribbons draped about the statue's shoulders would be lovely.

Whatever you decide will be splendid, I'm sure, and we are all looking forward to it.

--Councilman Murray

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