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Codex entry: A List of Instructions

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Codex text

Irlana, the warriors say we must leave Kal'Hirol for Orzammar. Here are my things to pack.

1) I need my gowns. If the trunks can't hold them all, leave the old rose one with the pearl buttons. And perhaps the midnight blue.

2) All my jewels. I don't know when we're coming back, so I'd like to have them with me.

3) At least a week's worth of food, including ten bottles of wine, ten bottles of ale, and thirty bottles of water from the spring. Orzammar is a dirty city teeming with surfacers and casteless--I dread to drink its foul water.

4) The children will need all their toys.

5) And their beds! Make sure they bring the beds.

6) On a second thought, bring ours as well. And at least three changes of bedclothes. I don't know where they'll house us. I hear Orzammar's Diamond Quarter is smaller than House Hirol's dining room. Ugh, just thinking about it makes me ill.