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Codex text

Maker, give me strength.

When the darkspawn came to Denerim, I wept so hard that I could not see, but still I fought for You. When demons poured from the sky where the Temple of Sacred Ashes used to stand, my hands shook so badly that I could not aim my bow, but still I fought for You. When Corypheus and his Archdemon destroyed Haven and killed my friends, I screamed until I had no voice, but still I fought for You.

They are sending me to attack Adamant. They say that the fortress is defended by an army of demons, and the odds are grim. We cannot win, but our distraction, our sacrifice may give the important people the chance to do what is necessary. My stomach is knotted, and I see dead friends from old battles reaching out for me every time I close my eyes.

I am so afraid, Maker.

But still, I will fight for You.

—Writer unknown

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