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Codex text

Once We Were song

Once We Were song

Once we were (Orlais) song

Once We Were (Orlais) song

Once we were
In our peace
With our lives assured.

Once we were
Not afraid of the dark.

Once we sat in our kingdom
With hope and pride.

Once we ran through
The fields with great strides.

We held the Fade
And the demon's flight
So far from our children
And from our lives.

We held together
The fragile sky
To keep our way of life.

Once we raised
Up our chalice
In victory.

Once we sat
In the light of our dreams.

Once we were
In our homeland
With strength and might.

Once we were
Not afraid of the night.

- As performed by the bard Maryden Halewell


  • The melody of Once We Were is the same as Southwind (or South Wind), a traditional Irish tune.[1]


  1. The South Wind guitar

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