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Codex text

Enchanter song

Enchanter song

Enchanter (Orlais) song

Enchanter (Orlais) song

The time has come to be alive
With the Circle of Magi, where we will thrive
With our brothers.

Enchanters remind
That time will not unwind.
The dragon's crooked spine,
Will never straighten into line.

What we plea will be
A faithful end decree,
Where a man will not retreat
From the defeat of his fathers.

A time has come for battle lines.
We will cut these knotted ties,
And some may live and some may die.

Enchanter, Come To Me
Enchanter, Come To Me
Enchanter, Come To See
Can-a you, can-a you come to see,
As you once were blind
In the light now you can sing?
In our strength we can rely,
And history will not repeat.

—As performed by the bard Maryden Halewell

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