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Clarity is a skill that increases the characters mana or stamina. Each rank of Clarity grants +25 mana or stamina, for a maximum of +100 mana or stamina at rank 4.

Clarity is only available to characters in the Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening expansion.

Tiers Edit

  • Passive
  • Requires: Level 20
The character has embraced ancient techniques of meditation, granting a permanent bonus to mana or stamina.
Skill-ImprovedClarity icon
Improved Clarity
  • Upgrade
  • Requires: Level 22
The character has studied the secrets of sleeping soundly, granting a further bonus to mana or stamina.
Skill-ExpertClarity icon
Expert Clarity
  • Upgrade
  • Requires: Level 24
The character has braved exposure to the elements in order to build mental focus, granting a further bonus to mana or stamina.
Skill-MasterClarity icon
Master Clarity
  • Upgrade
  • Requires: Level 26
The character has learned to find reserves of vigor in personal suffering, granting a further bonus to mana or stamina.

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