Choose your quarry is an event card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from the pinned card Go Hunting.

Description Edit

A hunt can always hope to find deer or boar in the woods, but sometimes you receive word of more unusual - and more dangerous - prey. What will you hunt?

Available actions Edit


A hind, swift and nimble
A bard you know, prone to poetry, calls them 'maidens of the wood.'
Gain 15 Closing In to unlock You have the hind in view!
-10 Clues
Go Hunting


A boar, clumsy but fierce
They root through the Applewoods. Their tusks make good trophies.
Gain 13 Closing In to unlock You have Cornered the Boar!
-10 Clues
Go Hunting


A wyvern
(Requires Case: the Dowager's Decline)
You need its venom to cure the Acerbic Dowager of her poison.
Gain 20 Closing In to unlock The Wyvern is cornered
Go Hunting


The bereskarn plaguing the forest villages
(Requires A Terror from the Woods)
It has troubled your people for the last time.
This will be a difficult and dangerous hunt. If you succeed you will earn several Trophies.
Go Hunting


Return to the Hall of Glories
The woods call. But you have business to attend to.