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Morrigan HoDA

Morrigan as depicted in Heroes of Dragon Age.

Characters in Heroes of Dragon Age belong to one of five Factions: Red, Blue, Black, White and large creatures. Additionally, there are five rarities for characters: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Each of these rarities correspond to the difficulty in acquiring the character in game. A maximum of 250 characters (including duplicates) can be in your inventory at any one time.

All characters have a power and health stat corresponding to how much damage they can deal and how much damage they can take. A character's speed is an indication of its initiative in combat with faster characters acting first. Many characters have special abilities, such as stun, taunt (more likely to be hit), gain power, flank (more likely to attack the back row), various ally boosts, and others.

Some rarer characters might have variants and be treated as different characters. For example, Anders and Vengeance Anders are two different characters in Heroes of Dragon Age.

Characters can be consumed to increase XP and critical strike chance, allow the character to Tier up, and unlock Fortification slots. Consuming similar characters or members of the same Faction will also provide additional bonuses. Characters consumed are then permanently removed from the inventory.

Higher tiered characters have more power and health at every level compared to lower tiered characters. Characters can be combined up to tier IV. Additionally, each tier raises the level cap by 5.

Characters can also be Fortified.

With the release of version 2.0 of the game, new characters called Consume Wisps have been introduced. These characters operate differently from other characters in that they are meant to be used in Consuming rather than as part of squads used for battle. These wisps grant high bonuses when consumed, depending on the rarity of the wisp. Consuming a wisp that is of the same faction as the character gives an additional boost.

There are three different categories of Legendary heroes denoted by 1, 2, or 3 stars. The higher stars a hero has, the more powerful they are, and the higher level they can become. Most Legendaries are 1-star heroes and have a maximum level of 85. 2-star (aka Ultra-Legendary) heroes can reach maximum level 90. 3-star heroes have a maximum level of 95.

List of characters Edit

Common Edit

PowerHealthFactionSpeedTargetSpecial AbilityGroup
Avvar Goat Common 2464RedNormalAllHeal allies, Chance for second attack, Power drain immunity aura (to Goats), Health aura (+50% to Creatures)Creatures
Bear43105LargeSlowRowStun (small chance), Power aura (+10%)Creatures
Blackstone Irregular2266RedQuickOneDrain powerFerelden, Rogues
Carta Smuggler3062RedQuickOneNoneDwarves, Outlaws, Rogues
Carta Thug2166RedQuickOneDrain powerDwarves, Outlaws, Rogues
Circle Apprentice3545BlueSlowRowNoneMages, Circle
Common Black Wisp11BlackNormalOneStrong boost when consumedNone
Common Blue Wisp11BlueNormalOneStrong boost when consumedNone
Common Giant Wisp11GiantNormalOneStrong boost when consumed, +15% health to SpiritsNone
Common Red Wisp11RedNormalOneStrong boost when consumedNone
Common White Wisp11WhiteNormalOneStrong boost when consumedNone
Coterie Thug3894RedNormalOneNoneOutlaws, Rogues
Elf Bandit2588RedQuickOneNoneOutlaws, Rogues, Elves
Fereldan Ash Warrior2588WhiteNormalOneStun (high chance)Ferelden, Warriors
Ghast2588RedQuickOneFlankCreatures, Rogues
Giant Corrupted Spider55110LargeSlowRowPower aura (+10%)Blighted, Creatures
Hurlock Bolter1570BlackQuickRowNoneBlighted, Rogues
Hurlock Grunt3991BlackNormalOneNoneBlighted, Warriors
Legionnaire Scout2170WhiteQuickOneGain powerDwarves, Rogues
Legionnaire Warrior4572WhiteNormalOneNoneDwarves, Warriors
Shade15127BlackNormalRowNoneDemonic, Mages
Sharps Highwayman2667RedQuickOneNoneOutlaws, Rogues
Skeleton Archer2873BlackQuickOneNoneDemonic, Rogues
Skeleton Mage2564BlackNormalRowNoneDemonic, Mages
Templar Archer1755WhiteQuickColumnNoneTemplars, Chantry, Rogues
Templar Recruit2470WhiteNormalRowNoneTemplars, Chantry, Warriors
Werewolf35105BlueNormalOneFlankCreatures, Rogues

Uncommon Edit

CharacterPowerHealthFactionSpeedTargetSpecial AbilityGroup
Apostate Wanderer80205RedSlowRowNoneApostates, Mages
Ashaad50103RedQuickColumnNoneQunari, Rogues
Avvar Goat Uncommon78195RedNormalColumnDrain power, Chance for second attack, Stun immunity (to Goats), Health aura (+50% to Creatures)Creatures
Blighted Werewolf95292BlackNormalOneFlankBlighted, Creatures, Rogues
Carta Assassin80183RedQuickOneNoneDwarves, Outlaws, Rogues
Chasind Scout85274RedSlowOneGain powerFerelden, Outlaws, Rogues
Chasind Wilder96226RedSlowOneGain powerFerelden, Outlaws, Rogues
Corrupted Spider110242BlackNormalOnePower aura (+35% to Blighted)Blighted, Creatures
Coterie Thief87146RedQuickOneNoneOutlaws, Rogues
Crow Assassin90130RedQuickOneNoneOutlaws, Rogues
Dalish Hunter76154BlueQuickOneSlowRogues, Elves
Darkspawn Emissary140186BlackSlowOneSlowApostates, Blighted, Mages
Devouring Corpse90234BlackNormalOneHeal selfDemonic, Warriors
Devouring Skeleton100275BlackNormalOneNoneDemonic, Warriors
Dwarven Warrior120233WhiteSlowOneGain powerDwarves, Outlaws, Warriors
Elf Apostate75193RedSlowRowNoneApostates, Elves, Mages
Elf Bard80133BlueQuickOneSlowRogues, Elves
Elven Mage120165BlueNormalOneSlowApostates, Elves, Mages
Enraged Spirit99256BlueSlowOneGain powerSpirits, Warriors
Fereldan Infantry98251WhiteNormalOneSlowFerelden, Warriors
Fereldan Knight95182WhiteNormalOneStun (high chance)Ferelden, Nobility, Warriors
Genlock Assassin46276BlackSlowRowStun (small chance)Blighted, Rogues
Genlock Brute58215BlackSlowRowStun (small chance)Blighted, Warriors
Hurlock Emissary89158BlackSlowColumnNoneApostates, Blighted, Mages
Karashok85325RedNormalOneNoneQunari, Warriors
Kirkwall Guard120209WhiteNormalOneNoneWarriors
Ogre111331LargeSlowRowStun (small chance)Blighted
Red Iron Mage85182RedSlowRowNoneApostates, Outlaws, Mages
Redwater Raider87149RedQuickOneDrain powerOutlaws, Rogues
Shriek85156BlackQuickOneNoneBlighted, Rogues
Silent Sister111314WhiteSlowOneGain powerDwarves, Outlaws, Rogues
Sylvan129411LargeSlowRowHealth aura (+25% to Beasts and Demons)Creatures, Demonic
Tal-Vashoth Marauder85179RedSlowRowNoneOutlaws, Qunari, Warriors
Templar Assassin91124WhiteQuickOneNoneTemplars, Chantry, Rogues
Tevinter Warrior110242BlueNormalOneNoneTevinter, Warriors
Uncommon Black Wisp11BlackNormalOneStrong boost when consumedNone
Uncommon Blue Wisp11BlueNormalOneStrong boost when consumedNone
Uncommon Giant Wisp11GiantNormalOneStrong boost when consumed, +25% health to SpiritsNone
Uncommon Red Wisp11RedNormalOneStrong boost when consumedNone
Uncommon White Wisp11WhiteNormalOneStrong boost when consumedNone
Walking Corpse97285BlackNormalOneNoneDemonic, Warriors

Rare Edit

CharacterPowerHealthFactionSpeedTargetSpecial AbilityGroup
Abomination175413BlackNormalOneNoneDemonic, Warriors
Allure80200BlackSlowAllStun (small chance), Gain powerDemonic, Mages
Armored Ogre188488LargeSlowRowStun (small chance)Blighted
Avvar Barbarian??RedSlowAllSlow, Slow immunity (50% to Avvars), Gain Power, More likely to be hitOutlaws, Avvar, Warriors
Avvar Goat Rare100326RedNormalRowCurse (negate/prevent power gain), Chance for second attack, Slow immunity (to Goats), Power aura (+50% to Creatures)Creatures
Bartrand Tethras124274RedNormalOneStun (moderate chance)Red Lyrium, Dwarves, Outlaws, Rogues
Bereskarn350578LargeNormalOneHealth aura (+50% to Blighted), TauntBlighted, Creatures
Black Nugly Sweater130363BlackSlowRowGreatly Slow, Drain power, Health aura (+35% to Blighted, +35% bonus health to Nugly Sweater NugsBlighted, Creatures
Blue Nugly Sweater105193BlueNormalOneHeal allies, Reduce damage aura (-10% to Creatures and Spirits), Health aura (+25% to Giants)Spirits, Creatures
Charred Sylvan199739LargeSlowRowNoneCreatures, Demonic
Circle Mage Bethany98325BlueSlowColumnStun (small chance)Ferelden, Nobility, Mages, Circle
Circle Senior Enchanter104295BlueSlowRowStun (small chance)Mages, Circle
Corrupted Nug70283BlackQuickRowDrain powerBlighted, Creatures
Cultist Assassin77305Black, RedQuickOneDrain power, Gain power when enemy dies, Slow resistance aura (to Reavers)Ferelden, Outlaws, Rogues, Reavers
Cultist Mage98325Black, RedNormalColumnDrain power, Gain power when enemy dies, Reduce drain power aura (to Reavers)Blood Mage, Ferelden, Outlaws, Mages, Reavers
Cultist Overseer91319Black, RedNormalRowHeal self, Gain power when enemy dies, Gain power when ally dies, Stun resistance aura (to Reavers)Ferelden, Outlaws, Mages, Reavers
Dalish Arcane Warrior200330BlueNormalRowNoneElves, Warriors
Dalish Lunar Warrior200330BlueNormalRowNoneElves, Warriors
Dalish Mage213287BlueNormalOneNoneApostates, Elves, Mages
Dalish Solis Warrior180407BlueNormalOneGain powerElves, Warriors
Dalish Warrior184385BlueNormalOneGain powerElves, Warriors
Dark Revenant166403BlackNormalRowNoneDemonic, Warriors
Desire Demon62193BlackSlowAllStun (moderate chance)Demonic, Mages
Dragon Thrall178559LargeSlowAllReduce damage aura (-10% to all), TauntBlighted, Creatures, Dragon
Drake91319RedSlowAllPower aura (+35% to Red)Creatures, Dragon
Fennec75303RedQuickOneDrain power, Power aura (+25% to Creatures, bonus 25% to Fennec), More likely to attack nugsCreatures
Fereldan Arl150414WhiteNormalOneEmpower allies (chance), Power aura (+5%)Ferelden, Nobility, Warriors
Fereldan Bann100459WhiteNormalOneStun (high chance)Ferelden, Nobility, Warriors
Freemarcher105372RedSlowRowGain powerWarriors
Genlock Alpha199333BlackNormalOneNoneBlighted, Warriors
Grey Warden Mage84171Blue, WhiteSlowAllSlow, Drain power, Bonus damage (+25% vs Blighted)Apostates, Wardens, Mages
Grey Warden Rogue88371Black, WhiteQuickOneGain power, Bonus damage (+25% vs Blighted)Rogues, Wardens
Grey Warden Warrior144361Black, WhiteNormalOneGain power, Bonus damage (+25% vs Blighted)Wardens, Warriors
Harlequin100286WhiteQuickOneGain powerOrlesian, Rogues
Hunger Demon500165BlackNormalOneDamage selfDemonic, Warriors
Knight-Commander Greagoir166442WhiteNormalOneHealth aura (+25% to Templars), Bonus damage (+25% vs Mages)Templars, Ferelden, Chantry, Warriors
Lay Sister Leliana97224WhiteQuickOneGain power, Power aura (+50% to Chantry)Ferelden, Chantry, Orlesian, Rogues
Mage Nug82221BlueSlowAllStun (small chance)Creatures, Mages, Circle
Noble Nug95331RedNormalColumnHeal self, Health aura (+35% to Ferelden)Ferelden, Nobility, Creatures
Paragon Branka130282WhiteNormalOneDrain power, Gain power, Health aura (+35% to Dwarves)Dwarves, Nobility, Outlaws, Warriors
Pride Abomination100297BlackNormalColumnGain power or drain power (chance)Demonic, Warriors
Rage Demon123353BlackSlowRowNoneDemonic, Mages
Rare Black Wisp11BlackNormalOneStrong boost when consumedNone
Rare Blue Wisp11BlueNormalOneStrong boost when consumedNone
Rare Giant Wisp11GiantNormalOneStrong boost when consumed, Health aura (+50% to spirits)None
Rare Red Wisp11RedNormalOneStrong boost when consumedNone
Rare White Wisp11WhiteNormalOneStrong boost when consumedNone
Reanimated Leandra130363BlackNormalOneSlow, Drain powerNobility, Demonic, Mages
Red Nugly Sweater80204RedNormalAllEmpower allies, Gains power when attackedOutlaws, Creatures
Revenant114279BlackNormalRowNoneDemonic, Warriors
Rift Wraith100325BlackNormalColumnBonus damage (+50% vs mages), Slow resist (50%), Stun resist aura (15%)Demonic
Ser Cauthrien165446WhiteNormalOneNoneFerelden, Nobility, Warriors
Shriek Alpha110216BlackQuickOneGain powerBlighted, Rogues
Silver Halla200737LargeQuickColumnHeal allies, Less likely to attack Creatures or ElvesCreatures
Slave Fenris80271Red, BlueNormalColumnStun (small chance)Tevinter, Outlaws, Rogues, Elves
Sloth Abomination99211BlackSlowAllSlow (small chance)Demonic, Mages
Sloth Demon500440BlackNormalOneDrain power, Depower selfDemonic, Mages
Spirit of Valor137538BlueNormalOneNoneSpirits, Warriors
Sten93316RedSlowAllNoneQunari, Warriors
Stroud46482Black, WhiteSlowAllStun (small chance), Absorb AOE damage for allies if also attacked, Bonus damage (+25% vs Blighted)Orlesian, Wardens, Warriors
Tal-Vashoth Berserker175374RedSlowOneGain powerOutlaws, Qunari, Warriors
Templar Carver105332WhiteNormalRowNoneTemplars, Ferelden, Nobility, Chantry, Warriors
Templar Recruit Alistair80270WhiteNormalRowStun (small chance)Templars, Ferelden, Nobility, Chantry, Warriors
Tevinter Arcane Mage70202WhiteNormalAllSlowTevinter, Apostates, Mages
Tevinter Arcane Warrior150495BlueNormalOneNoneTevinter, Apostates, Warriors
Tevinter Battlemage54330BlueSlowAllSlow, Stun (small chance)Tevinter, Apostates, Mages
Tevinter Laetan Mage90263WhiteNormalAllSlowTevinter, Apostates, Mages
Tevinter Slaver105193WhiteSlowAllHeal self, Power aura (+25% to Tevinter)Tevinter, Apostates, Blood Mage, Mages
Velghast77305RedSlowAllSlow, Slow resistance aura (to Beasts and Mages)Creatures, Mages
White Nugly Sweater200330WhiteQuickColumnHealth aura (+25% to Nugs and Ferelden), +25% bonus health and power to Nugly Sweater NugsFerelden, Creatures
Wintersend Dragon100303LargeQuickAllNoneCreatures, Dragon
Wintersend Nug205314RedNormalOneNoneFerelden, Creatures
Wintersend Rock Wraith142398LargeNormalColumnStun (small chance)Demonic
Wyvern162717LargeNormalColumnNoneCreatures, Dragon
Zathrian90182BlueNormalOneSlow, Stun (small chance), Power aura (+50% to Elves)Apostates, Blood Mage, Elves, Mages

Epic Edit

CardCharacterPowerHealthFactionSpeedTargetSpecial AbilityGroup
AncientRockWraithIconAncient Rock Wraith3411071LargeSlowRowGain powerDemonic
AndersIconAnders280495RedSlowColumnNoneApostates, Mages
ArcaneHorrorIconArcane Horror222977Black, BlueSlowOneSlowDemonic, Mages
TheArishokIconThe Arishok3251031RedSlowOnePower aura (+50% to Qunari), TauntQunari, Warriors
ArmoredBearIconArmored Bear267941LargeSlowAllGain power and/or health (small chance)Creatures
EpicGoatThumbAvvar Goat Epic250444RedNormalAllStun (small chance), Chance for second attack, Reduce damage aura (+10% to Goats), Health aura (+50% to Creatures)Creatures
AshWraithIconAsh Wraith161488BlackQuickOneHeal selfDemonic, Rogues
AthenrilIconAthenril130435RedQuickRowGain power, Flank, Health aura (+25% to Elves, Power aura (+25% to Elves), ElusiveOutlaws, Rogues, Elves
AvelineVallenIconAveline Vallen1201100WhiteNormalRowTauntFerelden, Nobility, Warriors
Beresaad Warrior??RedNormalRowStun (small chance), Stun resistance aura (50% to Qunari), Usually attacks back rowOutlaws, Qunari, Warriors
BrontoIconBronto2901155LargeSlowColumnSlow, Reduce damage aura (-10%)Creatures
CassandraPentaghastIconCassandra Pentaghast255482WhiteSlowColumnNoneNobility, Chantry, Seekers, Warriors
ChevalierIconChevalier250660WhiteNormalOneGain power, Immune to slow, TauntNobility, Orlesian, Warriors
ChocNugThumbChocolate Nug237593BlackQuickOneAttacks up to 5 times, Chance to Slow, Health aura (+50% to Nugs), Power aura (+50% to Nugs)Creatures
ConnorGuerrinIconConnor Guerrin210374BlackSlowRowStun (small chance), Reduce drain power aura (+50% to Demons)Apostates, Nobility, Demonic, Mages
CorypheusIconCorypheus163440BlackSlowAllDrain powerTevinter, Apostates, Blood Mage, Nobility, Blighted, Mages
CultistReaverIconCultist Reaver260484Black, RedSlowRowStun (small chance), Gain power when enemy diesFerelden, Outlaws, Warriors, Reavers
Dalish??Red, BlueSlowAllCurse power, Gain power, Power aura (15% to Bull's Chargers and Inquisition), Stun resist aura (25% to Bull's Chargers and Inquisition)Bull's Chargers, Mages, Elves
DuncanIconDuncan225572Black, WhiteQuickOneFlank, Bonus damage (+25% vs Blighted), ElusiveRogues, Wardens
EpicWispIconEpic Black Wisp11BlackNormalOneStrong boost when consumedNone
EpicbluewispthumbEpic Blue Wisp11BlueNormalOneStrong boost when consumedNone
Epic Giant Wisp11GiantNormalOneStrong boost when consumed, +75% health to SpiritsNone
EpicredwispthumbEpic Red Wisp11RedNormalOneStrong boost when consumedNone
EpicwhitewispthumbEpic White Wisp11WhiteNormalOneStrong boost when consumedNone
FenrisIconFenris105328Red, WhiteNormalAllStun (small chance)Outlaws, Elves, Warriors
FereldenTeyrnIconFereldan Teyrn198637WhiteSlowColumnHeal self, Health aura (+5%)Ferelden, Nobility, Warriors
FirstEnchanterOrsinoIconFirst Enchanter Orsino177462BlueSlowAllHeal self, Gain power when ally is attacked, Immune to drain powerBlood Mage, Elves, Mages, Circle
Florianne250440White, RedQuickColumnCurse (negate/prevent power gain), Health aura (+25% to Nobility), Power aura (+25% to Nobility), ElusiveNobility, Orlesian, Rogues
FluffyIconFluffy100318Blue, WhiteNormalAllSlowCreatures
GateGuardianIconGate Guardian303889LargeSlowAllNoneNone
Gatt255442RedNormalColumnDrain power, Slow (medium chance), Health aura (15% to Qunari and elves), Power drain resist aura (25% to Qunari and elves), EvadeBull's Chargers, Qunari, Rogues, Elves
GreyWardenAlistairIconGrey Warden Alistair202550Black, WhiteNormalRowHealth aura (+50% to Grey Wardens), Bonus damage (+25% vs Blighted)Templars, Ferelden, Nobility, Wardens, Warriors
GreyWardenBethanyIconGrey Warden Bethany150399Black, BlueNormalAllPower aura (+50% to Apostates), Bonus damage (+25% vs Blighted)Apostates, Ferelden, Nobility, Wardens, Mages
GreyWardenCarverIconGrey Warden Carver125453Black, WhiteNormalRowStun (small chance), Absorb AOE damage for allies if also attacked, Bonus damage (+25% vs Blighted)Ferelden, Nobility, Wardens, Warriors
TheHeraldIconThe Herald155517BlackNormalColumnGain power, Stun resistance aura (+15%)Blighted, Warriors
InfernoGolemIconInferno Golem3111521LargeSlowColumnNoneDwarves, Golem
KingCailanIconKing Cailan275732WhiteNormalOneSlow, Health aura (+25% to Ferelden), Power aura (+25% to Ferelden)Ferelden, Nobility, Warriors
KCMeredithIconKnight-Comm. Meredith178497Red, WhiteNormalColumnHeal self, Health aura (+50% to Templars)Templars, Chantry, Warriors
LadyOfTheForestIconLady of the Forest179479RedSlowRowStun (small chance), Health aura (+50% to Creatures)Spirits, Mages
LelianaIconLeliana144550WhiteQuickOneSlow, Drain power, Power aura (+50% to Chantry)Chantry, Orlesian, Rogues
MagisterPavusIconMagister Pavus260484WhiteQuickRowCurse (negate/prevent power gain), Upon death allies gain powerTevinter, Mages
MhairiIconMhairi125330Black, WhiteNormalColumnHeal self, Absorb AoE damage for allies if attacked also, Reduce damage aura (-10% to all)Ferelden, Nobility, Wardens, Warriors
OghrenIconOghren195612WhiteSlowRowGain powerDwarves, Warriors
OgreCommanderIconOgre Commander333733LargeSlowRowStun (small chance)Blighted
TheOldOneIconThe Old One300791LargeNormalRowSlowSpirits
PrideDemonIconPride Demon3502090LargeNormalOneTauntDemonic
QueenAnoraIconQueen Anora120275WhiteNormalAllEmpower allies, Health aura (+50% to Ferelden)Ferelden, Nobility, Warriors
Red Templar Warrior??Black, RedQuickColumnDrain power, Gain power, Slow immunity aura (to Red Lyrium heroes), Power aura (24% to Red Lyrium heroes), Most likely to attack magesRed Lyrium, Templars, Rogues
SallitIconSalit2231010RedSlowOneGain power, TauntOutlaws, Qunari, Warriors
SebastianVaelIconSebastian Vael150507WhiteQuickOneGain powerNobility, Chantry, Rogues
SentinalArcherIconSentinel Archer130435BlueQuickRowSlow, Flank, Gain health when ally or enemy dies, Health aura (+25% to Sentinel Elves)Elves, Rogues
SentinalShadowIconSentinel Shadow120424BlueQuickColumnStun (moderate chance), Gain health when ally or enemy dies, Health aura (+25% to Sentinel Elves)Elves, Rogues
SigrunIconSigrun152454WhiteQuickOneStun (small chance), Gain power, Power aura (+50% to Dwarves)Dwarves, Warriors
SlaveStatueIconSlave Statue300825WhiteSlowRowDamage self, TauntNone
SpikeIconSpike225567Black, RedNormalColumnDamage selfCreatures
StenOfTheBerasaadIconSten of the Beresaad235825RedSlowOneGain powerQunari, Warriors
StoneGolemIconStone Golem200715WhiteSlowRowStun (small chance), Reduce damage aura (-10% to Dwarves)Dwarves, Golem, Warriors
Templar Samson204552WhiteNormalRowDrain power, Curse (negate/prevent power gain), Gain power when allies are attacked, Power aura (+50% to Templars), More likely to attack MagesTemplars, Warriors
TerrorIconTerror300880LargeQuickOneReduce damage (-25%), Bonus damage (+50% vs Mages), ElusiveDemonic
TusketIconTusket150303RedSlowColumnStun (small chance), Power aura (+35% to Creatures)Creatures
VarterralIconVarterral200539LargeQuickAllPower aura (+50% to Elves), Stun resistance aura (+15%)Spirits, Creatures
VelannaIconVelanna150288BlueSlowAllStun (small chance), Health aura (+25% to Elves), Power aura (+25% to Elves)Apostates, Outlaws, Elves, Mages
WintersendHallaIconWintersend Halla5001430LargeNormalOneNoneCreatures
TheWitheredIconThe Withered350729BlackNormalOneImmune to slow, TauntBlighted, Warriors
XebenkeckIconXebenkeck152289BlackSlowAllCurse (prevent healing), Heal allies, Empower alliesDemonic, Mages
YavanaIconYavana170266RedSlowAllSlow, Power aura (+50% to Apostates), Bonus damage (+50% vs Warriors)Apostates, Mages
ZevranIconZevran175447RedQuickOneSlow, Drain powerOutlaws, Rogues Elves

Legendary Edit

CharacterStarsPowerHealthFactionSpeedTargetSpecial AbilityGroup
AbelasThumbAbelas* *240781BlueSlowRowGain power on ally or enemy death, Power aura (+25% to Sentinel Elves), Health aura (+25% to Sentinel Elves)Elves
AdvisorCullenAdvisor Cullen* * *325110WhiteSlowOneStun (moderate chance), Damage resist aura (+10% to all), Power aura (+10% to all), TauntInquisition, Warriors
AlamarriWarlordThumbAlamarri Warlord* *350990RedQuickColumnAbsorb AOE damage for allies if also attacked, Health aura (+25% to Outlaws), Power aura (+25% to Outlaws)Ferelden, Outlaws, Warriors
AlexiusThumbAlexius* * *150429BlackNormalAllSlow, Power and health aura (+25% to Nobility and Tevinter)Tevinter, Mages
AlphaWerewolfThumbAlpha Werewolf*245732BlueNormalOneGain power, Flank, Power aura (+35% to Beasts)Creatures, Rogues
AncientDarkspawnThumbAncient Darkspawn*375990BlackSlowOneDrain power from all enemies (chance), Reduce damage aura (-10% to Blighted), Health aura (+35% to Blighted)Blighted, Warriors
ApostateJowanThumbApostate Jowan*295605Black, RedSlowRowHeal self, Reduce damage aura (-10% vs black faction), Gain power when ally is attacked, Immune to drain powerApostates, Blood Mage, Mages
TheArchitectThumbThe Architect*396733BlackNormalOneHeal self, Health aura (+50% to Blighted)Apostates, Blighted, Mages
ArianeThumbAriane*230715Red, BlueNormalRowGreatly Slow, Drain power, FlankRogues, Elves
ArlEamonThumbArl Eamon Guerrin*350990WhiteNormalRowHeal self, Health aura (+25% to Nobility), Power aura (+25% to Nobility)Ferelden, Nobility, Warriors
ArlathanGeneralArlathan General*200655BlueQuickOneStun (moderate chance), Flank, ElusiveElves, Warriors
AssassinFlorianneThumbAssassin Florianne*100523Black, RedQuickAllStun (small chance), Immune to stun, Bonus damage (+35% vs Inquisition), ElusiveNobility, Outlaws, Orlesian, Rogues
AurelianTitusThumbAurelian Titus* *205385Black, WhiteQuickColumnCurse (prevent healing), Chance for second attack, Power aura (+25% to Blood Mages and Demons)Tevinter, Blood Mage, Mages
LegendaryGoatThumbAvvar Goat Legendary*360998RedNormalRowStun (chance), Heal self (small chance), Chance for second attack, Gain health when ally dies, Health aura (+25% to Creatures), Power aura (+25% to Creatures)Creatures
BarkspawnThumbBarkspawn*352835Red, WhiteNormalOneStun, slow or drain power (small chance), Gain power when ally is attacked, Immune to slowPets, Ferelden, Creatures, Wardens, Warriors
BaronessThumbThe Baroness*234527BlackSlowRowStun (small chance), Power aura (+50% to Demons)Apostates, Blood Mage, Nobility, Demonic, Mages
BehemothThumbBehemoth* *4001650LargeSlowColumnAbsorb AOE damage for allies if also attacked, Gain power and health when enemy dies, Health aura (+25% to Red Faction), Power aura (+25% to Red Lyrium), TauntRed Lyrium, Templars, Warriors
Ben-HassrathThumbBen-Hassrath*144413RedQuickAllHealth aura (+50% to Qunari)Qunari, Rogues
BlackwallThumbBlackwall* *3761375White, RedSlowColumnStun (moderate chance), Heal self (small chance), Absorb AOE damage for allies if also attacked, Gain health when ally or enemy dies, Health aura (+50% to Wardens and Inquisition), TauntInquisition, Wardens, Warriors
BrialaThumbBriala*129352White, RedQuickAllDrain power, Health bonus (+50% to Outlaws and Elves), ElusiveNobility, Orlesian, Elves, Rogues
BroganDaceThumbBrogan Dace*3251032WhiteSlowOneGain power, Heal self, Immune to stun, Gain power when attacked, Resist damage (25%), TauntDwarves, Nobility, Reavers, Warriors
BroodmotherThumbBroodmother* *2851067LargeSlowAllStun, Heal allies, Health aura (+35% to Blighted), Power aura (+35% to Blighted), Reduce drain power auraBlighted, Creatures
ByronThumbByron*375770WhiteNormalOneEmpower allies, Reduce damage aura (+10% to all)Chantry, Seekers, Warriors
CaladriusThumbCaladrius*274527Black, WhiteSlowRowHeal self, Flank, Immune to drain power, Power aura (+50% to Blood Mages)Tevinter, Blood Mage, Mages
CaptainIsabelaThumbCaptain Isabela* *230770RedQuickOneBonus damage (+35% vs Qunari), Power aura (+25% to Outlaws and Rogues), Immune to Stun, Flank, ElusiveOutlaws, Rogues
ChasindGeneralThumbChasind General*230845Red, WhiteSlowColumnGain power, Power aura (+35% to Outlaws)Outlaws, Warriors
CillianThumbCillian* *260990White, BlueNormalRowStun (small chance), Stun resist aura (+50% to all)Inquisition, Elves, Mages
ColeThumbCole* * *??Red, BlueQuickRandomAttacks up to 10 times, Chance to afflict status ailment, Stun Immunity to InquisitionSpirits, Inquisition, Rogues
CorruptedSpiderlingCorrupted Spiderling*330726BlackNormalOneStun or Slow (chance), Power aura (+35% to Blighted)Blighted, Creatures
CorruptedSpiderQueenCorrupted Spider Queen*500935LargeSlowRowDrain power, Reduce drain power aura (+50% to Blighted)Blighted, Creatures
CrowZevranThumbCrow Zevran*180429RedQuickRowDrain power, Flank, ElusiveElves, Rogues
DanariusThumbDanarius*210798Black, WhiteNormalAllSlow (small chance), Gain power when ally is attacked, Immune to stunTevinter, Blood Mage, Mages
DiamondShaleDiamond Shale*2601100WhiteSlowRowStun (small chance), Reduce damage aura (-10% to Dwarves)Dwarves, Golems, Warriors
DorianHoDAIconDorian[1]* * *230770White, BlueNormalAllDrain power, Health and power aura (+25% to Inquisition)Tevinter, Inquisition, Mages, Circle
DragonFlemethThumbDragon Flemeth*4001265LargeSlowAllPower aura (+35% to all), TauntApostates, Creatures, Mages
DukeProsperThumbDuke Prosper*175440Red, WhiteQuickRowDrain power, Flank, Health aura (+35% to Nobility)Nobility, Outlaws, Orlesian, Rogues
EirikThumbEirik*160385Black, RedSlowOneHeal allies, Gain power when enemy dies, Health aura (+25% to Reavers), Power aura (+25% to Reavers)Ferelden, Outlaws, Mages, Reavers
EliteHarlequinElite Harlequin*260240WhiteQuickRowChance for second attack, Power aura (+25% to Orlesians and Rogues), More likely to attack Ferelden or QunariOrlesian, Rogues
EmpressCeleneThumbEmpress Celene* *314860WhiteNormalColumnAll allies gain power upon damaging enemies, Gains power when allies attacked, Damage bonus (+30% to Ferelden and TevinterNobility, Orlesian
FelixThumbFelix* *??BlueNormalColumnDrain power, Empower allies, When attacked allies gain powerTevinter, Mages
TheFirstThumbThe First*350825BlackNormalOneDrain power, Gain power, Power aura (+50% to Blighted), TauntBlighted, Warriors
FlemethThumbFlemeth*234502RedSlowAllGain power when ally dies, Reduce damage (-25% vs Warriors)Apostates, Mages
GaxkangTheUnboundIconGaxkang the Unbound* *2501100BlackSlowOneDrain power, Chance for second attack, Immune to power drain, Immune to slow, Immune to stunDemonic, Warriors
GhastLeaderThumbGhast Leader*225792RedQuickOneGain power, FlankCreatures, Rogues
Giant*??GiantSlowColumnStun, Small chance big self heal, Gain power, Bonus damage to Creatures, Immune to stunCreatures
GrandEnchanterFionaThumbGrand Enchanter Fiona*140421Blue, WhiteNormalAllSlow, Power aura (+35% to Circle)Orlesian, Elves, Mages, Circle
TheGrandOakThumbThe Grand Oak*4922199LargeSlowOneHeal allies, Reduce damage aura (-10%)Spirits
GreyWardenGenivieveThumbGrey Warden Genevieve* *375770Black, WhiteNormalColumnGain power, Absorb AOE damage for allies if also attacked, Bonus damage (+25% vs Blighted), Power drain immunity aura (to Grey Wardens), Slow immunity aura (to Grey Wardens)Orlesian, Wardens, Warriors
GreyWardenOghrenThumbGrey Warden Oghren*3411150Black, WhiteSlowOneGain power, Gain power when attacked, Bonus damage (+25% vs Blighted)Dwarves, Wardens, Warriors
GreyWardenSigrunThumbGrey Warden Sigrun*350660Black, WhiteQuickRowCurse, Damage aura (+25% vs Blighted), ElusiveDwarves, Wardens, Rogues
GreyWardenVelannaThumbGrey Warden Velanna* *350990Black, BlueSlowAllCurse, Damage aura (+30% vs Ferelden and Blighted)Wardens, Elves, Mages
GuardCaptainAvelineThumbGuard Captain Aveline*241781WhiteSlowRowGain power, Slow resistance aura (+50%), Health aura (+25% to Warriors), Power aura (+25% to Warriors)Ferelden, Nobility, Warriors
GuardianOfTheUrnThumbGuardian of the Urn* *350990BlueSlowOneGain power, Heal self, Absorb AOE damage for allies if also attacked, Reduce damage aura (+10% to all)Spirits, Nobility, Chantry, Warriors
HarvesterOrsinoThumbHarvester Orsino*2851067LargeSlowAllSlow, Health aura (+50% to Blood Mages)Blood Mage, Demonic, Circle
HighDragonThumbHigh Dragon*3601238LargeSlowAllImmune to stun, TauntCreatures
HighSeekerAldrenThumbHigh Seeker Aldren*375770WhiteSlowRowSlow, Bonus damage (+35% vs Chantry), Reduce damage (+25%)Chantry, Seekers, Warriors
Horror*??Black, RedNormalAllSlow, Stun, Health aura (+50% to Red Lyrium), Bonus damage to MagesRed Lyrium, Templars, Warriors
ImperialArchonThumbImperial Archon* *400605Black, WhiteQuickRowCurse, Power aura (+35% to Tevinter)Tevinter, Blood Mage, Mages
Iron Bull* * *??RedSlowOneGain power, Heal self, Absorb AoE damage for allies if attacked, Gain power when attacked, Bonus damage to Creatures, Much more likely to be attackedInquisition, Outlaws, Qunari, Reavers, Warriors
IsabelaThumbIsabela*162575Red, WhiteQuickColumnStun resistance aura (+15% to Outlaws), ElusiveOutlaws, Rogues
JosephineThumbJosephine* *3001430WhiteSlowOneHeal allies, Stun immunity aura (to Inquisition), Slow immunity aura (to Inquisition), Reduce damage aura (+10% to all)Inquisition, Nobility
JusticeThumbJustice* *2901430BlueNormalOneGain power, Curse (negate/prevent power gain), Reduce damage (+25%), TauntSpirits, Warriors
KeeperMarethariThumbKeeper Marethari*185330BlueNormalAllEmpower allies, Power aura (+25% to Elves), Reduce damage aura (-10% to Elves)Apostates, Elves, Mages
KingAlistairThumbKing Alistair*256703WhiteSlowColumnEmpower allies, Health aura (+50% to Grey Wardens), Power aura (+50% to Ferelden), Bonus damage (+25% vs Blighted)Templars, Ferelden, Nobility, Wardens, Warriors
KingEndrinAeducanThumbKing Endrin Aeducan*3951320WhiteSlowOneReduce drain power aura (+50% to all), TauntNobility, Dwarves, Warriors
KingMaricThumbKing Maric* *250787WhiteNormalRowGain power, Gain power when attacked, Health aura (+50% to Ferelden)Ferelden, Nobility, Warriors
Knight-CaptainCullenThumbKnight-Captain Cullen*350990WhiteNormalOneGain power, Reduce damage (-20%), TauntTemplars, Ferelden, Chantry, Warriors
KolgrimThumbKolgrim*325990Black, RedSlowColumnStun (small chance), Gain health when enemy dies, Gain power when enemy dies, TauntFerelden, Outlaws, Warriors, Reavers
Legendary Black Wisp*11BlackNormalOneStrong boost when consumedNone
LegendaryWispThumbLegendary Blue Wisp*11BlueNormalOneStrong boost when consumedNone
Legendary Giant Wisp*11GiantNormalOneStrong boost when consumed, Health aura (+100% to spirits)None
Legendary Red Wisp*11RedNormalOneStrong boost when consumedNone
Legendary White Wisp*11WhiteNormalOneStrong boost when consumedNone
LeopoldThumbLeopold*260935LargeSlowAllStun (small chance)Pets, Creatures
LoghainMacTirLoghain Mac Tir*2501100Red, WhiteNormalOneDrain power, Reduce drain power aura (+50% to all), Power aura (+25% to Warriors), Health aura (+25% to Warriors)Ferelden, Nobility, Outlaws, Warriors
LordErimondThumbLord Erimond* *3061222Black, BlueNormalAllSlow, Stun (small chance), Resist Power Drain, Bonus damage (vs Grey Wardens)Tevinter, Blood Mage, Mages
LordPyralHarrowmontThumbLord Pyral Harrowmont*350990WhiteNormalColumnHeal self, Health aura (+35% to Dwarves and Golems)Nobility, Dwarves, Warriors
LyriumFenrisThumbLyrium Fenris*230770White, RedNormalAllStun (small chance), Gains health when allies die, Immune to slow, ElusiveOutlaws, Elves, Warriors
MaddoxThumbMaddox*189328BlueNormalAllDrain power, Curse (negate/prevent power gain), Stun immunity aura (to Circle), Slow immunity aura (to Apostates), Health aura (+50% to Mages)Apostates, Mages
MaeverisTaelaniThumbMaevaris* *350429BlueNormalAllCurse, Heal allies, Health aura (+35% to Tevinter)Tevinter, Mages
MerrillThumbMerrill184330Black, BlueNormalAllDrain power, Health aura (+35% to Elves), Stun resistance aura (15% to Elves)Apostates, Blood Mage, Elves, Mages
MorriganThumbMorrigan*225605RedSlowRowStun (small chance), Health aura (+35% to all), Power aura (+35% to Apostates), Gain health when enemy diesApostates, Inquisition, Mages
NathanielHoweThumbNathaniel Howe*180429Black, WhiteQuickColumnDrain power, Power aura (+50% to Grey Wardens)Ferelden, Nobility, Rogues, Wardens
NeriaThumbNeria* *350990BlueNormalAllHeal allies, Health aura (+25% to Elves), Power aura (+25% to Elves)Inquisition, Elves, Mages
Nightmare Aspect*??GiantNormalColumnSlow, Power aura (+50% to Demons), ElusiveDemonic
NobleSpiritOfHopeThumbNoble Spirit of Hope*??BlueNormalOneIncrease power of allies, Absorb AoE damage for allies if attacked, Power aura (+50% to Wynne), Upon death allies gain power, Bonus damage to DemonsSpirits
NobleSpiritOfJustiniaThumbNoble Spirit of Justinia* *??White, BlueSlowColumnCurse (negates and prevents power gain for one turn), Heals all allies, Gain health on any hero death, Health aura (+75% to Spirits), Bonus damage to DemonsSpirits
ParagonCaridinThumbParagon Caridin* *3901438LargeSlowRowHeal self, Reduce damage (-25%)Dwarves, Nobility, Golem, Warriors
PhoenixThumbPhoenix*2501073LargeQuickAllHeal self, Health aura (+20% to all)Creatures
PrinceBhelenAeducanThumbPrince Bhelen Aeducan*180468Red, WhiteSlowOneSlow, Bonus damage (+50% vs Dwarves), FlankNobility, Dwarves, Rogues
PrinceSebastianVaelThumbPrince Sebastian Vael* *225761WhiteQuickColumnDrain power, Health aura (+35% to Nobility and Chantry), Power aura (+35% to Nobility and Chantry)Nobility, Chantry, Rogues
QueenOfTheBlackmarshThumbQueen of the Blackmarsh*400979LargeSlowAllElusiveSpirits, Creatures
RasaanThumbRasaan*2501100RedNormalColumnCurse, Heals allies, Stun resist aura (+25% to Qunari), Slow resist aura (+25% to Qunari), Health aura (+25% to Qunari), Power aura (+25% to Qunari)Qunari, Rogues
Red lyrium Giant* *??GiantSlowColumnHealth aura (+50% to Red Lyrium), Gain power, Bonus damage to Creatures, Immune to stun, More likely to be attackedRed Lyrium, Creatures
RedLyriumMeredithThumbRed Lyrium Meredith*179385BlackNormalAllGain power, Bonus damage (+50% vs Mages), Reduce damage (-50% vs Mages)Templars, Red Lyrium, Chantry, Warriors
RedLyriumSamsonRed lyrium Samson* *??Black, RedNormalRowSmall chance to gain massive power, Gain power when allies attacked, Grant stun immunity and +75% power to Red Lyrium, More likely to attack MagesRed Lyrium, Templars, Warriors
RisenOgreThumbRisen Ogre*416916LargeNormalColumnHeal self, Absorb AOE damage for allies if also attacked, Gain power when attackedBlighted, Demonic, Warriors
RubyShaleThumbRuby Shale*4501210WhiteNormalOnePower aura (+50% to Dwarves)Dwarves, Golem, Warriors
SaarebasThumbSaarebas*220614RedSlowAllImmune to drain powerApostates, Qunari, Mages
SamsonThumbSamson*??Black, RedNormalRowGain power when allies attacked, Grant power drain immunity and +50% power to Red Lyrium, More likely to attack MagesRed Lyrium, Templars, Warriors
SandalThumbSandal*185319WhiteNormalAllDrain powerDwarves, Mages
SchmooplesThumbSchmooples*2501485Red, BlueNormalOneHeal self, Absorb AOE damage for allies if also attacked, Health aura (+35% to Chantry), Taunt Pets, Chantry, Creatures, Warriors
SeekerCassandraThumbSeeker Cassandra*325990WhiteNormalColumnDrain Power, Absorb AOE damage for allies if also attacked, Bonus damage (+35% vs Mages and Templars), TauntInquisition, Nobility, Chantry, Seekers, Warriors
SentinelSpellbinderThumbSentinel Spellbinder*185330BlueSlowAllGain health when ally or enemy dies, Health aura (+25% to Sentinel Elves)Elves, Mages
SerPounceALotThumbSer Pounce-A-Lot*275528Red, BlueQuickRowHeal allies, Power aura (+25% to Anders and Circle Mages, +50% to Ser Pounce-A-Lot), ElusivePets, Creatures, Rogues, Circle
SerStroudThumbSer Stroud*158345Black, WhiteNormalAllEmpower allies, Chance for second Empower allies effect, Absorb AOE damage for allies if also attacked, Gain power on ally death, Power aura (+50% to Wardens)Wardens, Warriors
SeraThumbSera* *185330RedQuickRowGreatly Slow, Chance for second attack, Flank, ElusiveInquisition, Elves, Rogues
ShahWyrdThumbShah Wyrd*230633BlackNormalColumnGain power, Reduce damage (-20%), Bonus damage (+25% vs Spirits), ElusiveDemonic, Mages
SisterNightingaleThumbSister Nightingale*255735WhiteQuickOneGain power, Power aura (+50% to Chantry), Reduce damage aura (-10% to all)Inquisition, Ferelden, Chantry, Orlesian, Rogues
SkyHorrorThumbSky Horror*185330BlackSlowAllStun (small chance), Immune to stunDemonic, Mages
SnugTheBrontoThumbSnug the Bronto*3501617LargeSlowOneSlow, Health aura (+50% to Dwarves), TauntPets, Dwarves, Creatures
SolasThumbSolas* * *225825BlueNormalAllCurse, Gain power and health when ally dies, Health aura (+25% to Spirits and Demons), Power aura (+25% to Spirits and Demons)Inquisition, Elves, Mages
SophiaDrydenThumbSophia Dryden*3501540Black, WhiteSlowColumnSlow, Health aura (+25% to Demons and Wardens), Power aura (+25% to Demons and Wardens), damage resistance (-35% from Grey Wardens and Mages)Demonic, Wardens, Warriors
SpiritOfHopeThumbSpirit of Hope*??BlueNormalOneHeal allies, More likely to attack black faction, Reduce damage aura (+10% to all), +25% health to WynneSpirits, Mages
Spirit of Justinia*??BlueSlowColumnCurse (prevents healing for a turn), Gain health on ally death, Health aura (+50% to Spirits), Bonus damage to DemonsSpirits
SteelGolemThumbSteel Golem*170770WhiteSlowAllSlow, Immune to drain powerDwarves, Golem, Warriors
StenTheArishokThumbSten, the Arishok*3951320RedSlowOneGain health when ally dies, Gain power when allies attacked, TauntOutlaws, Qunari, Warriors
TallisThumbTallis*192460RedQuickRowStun (small chance), Power aura (+50% to Qunari)Qunari, Rogues, Elves
ThorntonThumbThornton*200220White, RedQuickRowCurse, Chance for second attack, Health aura (+25% to Inquisition), Power aura (+25% to Inquisition), More likely to attack Blood MagesInquisition, Rogues
UldredThumbUldred*220825Black, BlueSlowAllGain power when ally is attacked, Immune to drain powerBlood Mage, Demonic, Circle, Mages
VarricTethrasThumbVarric Tethras*175444Red, WhiteQuickRowEmpower allies, Flank, ElusiveInquisition, Dwarves, Outlaws, Rogues
VelghastChieftainThumbVelghast Chieftain*231914RedSlowAllSlow, Slow resistance aura (to Beasts and Mages)Creatures, Mages
VengeanceAndersThumbVengeance Anders*237480BlueSlowAllHealth aura (+50% to Mages), Bonus damage (+25% vs Blighted)Apostates, Spirits, Wardens, Mages
VivienneThumbVivienne* * *350990White, BlueNormalColumnCurse, Chance for second attack, Heal alliesOrlesian, Mages
WardenCommanderClarelThumbWarden Commander Clarel* *350935Black, BlueNormalAllSlow, Drain power, Stun Immunity (to Grey Wardens), Bonus damage (vs Blighted and Tevinter)Blood Mage, Orlesian, Wardens, Mages
WardenCommanderDuncanThumbWarden Commander Duncan*280715Black, WhiteQuickOneBonus damage (+25% vs Blighted), Power aura (+25% to Rogues), Gain power when ally is attacked, Flank, ElusiveRogues, Wardens
WitherfangThumbWitherfang*275528Red, BlueQuickRowStun (high chance), Flank, Power aura (+50% to Creatures and Spirits)Spirits, Creatures
WynneThumbWynne*157385BlueNormalAllHeal allies, Health aura (+25% to all)Spirits, Mages, Circle

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  1. To unlock Dorian one must own/have previously owned the following heroes: Maevaris, Felix, Imperial Archon, Spirit of Valor, Tevinter Battlemage

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