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Note: As of the Heroes of Dragon Age 3.0 update on October, 22, 2014, Challenges are no longer available in the game, and have been replaced by the Nexus.

Challenges in Heroes of Dragon Age are battles which reward the player with characters or runes in addition to gold and experience. There is one on each quest map (with the exception of Map 1), and becomes available after the final battle of that map has been defeated for the first time.

At any given time, one challenge in the game may be marked with a special timed event. During this period, the challenge will either offer additional gold and experience, or one or more characters not normally available as drops from that challenge. Many of these special challenges offer the chance to win Legendary characters that cannot be found anywhere else in the game. The timed events generally occur three times per day, the same event each time.

The following lists the characters and types of runes known to be available from each challenge during normal gameplay.

Map 2: Brecilian Challenge Edit

Map 3: Deep Roads Challenge Edit

Map 4: Dust Town Challenge Edit

Map 5: Fereldan Challenge Edit

Map 6: Tevinter Challenge Edit

Map 7: Circle Tower Challenge Edit

Map 8: Dalish Challenge Edit

Map 9: Qunari Challenge Edit

Map 10: Undead Challenge Edit

Map 11: Fade Challenge Edit

Map 12: Ancient Thaig Challenge Edit

Map 13: Nevarra Challenge Edit

Map 14: Chateau Challenge Edit

Map 15: Eluvian Challenge Edit

Map 16: Blackmarsh Challenge Edit