I stand by Loghain! We've no hope of victory otherwise!

Bann Ceorlic is the bann of the Southern Bannorn and Loghain's staunch ally.[1] Once the Landsmeet starts, he can be found in the Gnawed Noble Tavern conversing with Sighard.

Involvement Edit

Dragon Age: Origins Edit

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Ceorlic is one of the nobles attending the Landsmeet. He will always support Loghain Mac Tir, no matter what. Many think this is because of fear[2] since Ceorlic's lands border Loghain's.

The Darkspawn ChroniclesEdit

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Bann Ceorlic is encountered as one of the civilians in the Denerim Market District killed during the Slaughter the Innocents quest during the Massacre in the Market.

Quotes Edit

  • "You're being very foolish. Why would Loghain leave half our own army to die when a Blight threatens? I take him at his word: The battle could not be won."
  • "Eamon's not dead. More's the pity."
  • "I would rather see Anora keep the throne, myself. Better it passes to the Mac Tir line than to some by-blow."

References Edit

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