Cave Crawling is an Act 2 secondary quest in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

Travel to The Bone Pit during Act 2 and talk to Jansen. This quest will only become available after completing the Inside Job quest.

Walkthrough Edit

After speaking with Jansen, head to the mine. Collect the Petrified Human Finger from a Sack south of the entrance to begin the Wentworth's Sixth Finger side quest.

Upon entry, the party is attacked by a Queen Spider accompanied by several other spiders. Kill them and loot the area. There is a Corrupted Lyrium and a Crate upstairs.

Return to Jansen to complete the quest.

Rewards Edit

  • 275 XP (for the fight)
  • 1000 XP (quest completion)

Result Edit

Unlocks Cavern of Dead quest. To trigger the quest, leave the Bone Pit, travel to any other location, then go back and talk to Jansen.

Notes Edit

  • The Queen Spider can be easily kited out of range on the ledge where the Corrupted Lyrium is looted.
  • If you are seeking the Supplier achievement, be sure to grab the aforementioned lyrium.
  • If you explore the outside area of the Bone Pit you can find a Glitterdust and a cave entrance for an Evil Tome and another Corrupted Lyrium. There is also a Chest - Complex to the left of Jansen (30 cunning to open – 150 XP).