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We remember our debt to you, even if these humans do not.

Cassian is the leader of a werewolf company which can be found in the barracks of the Main Floor of Redcliffe Castle after Arl Eamon recovers. This only happens if the Warden sided with the werewolves during the Nature of the Beast.

Involvement Edit

He and his fellow werewolves are having difficulties living side-by-side with the humans. The Warden may converse with him about how the werewolves are being treated at Redcliffe, then talk to a nearby human guardsman about the humans' attitudes toward serving alongside werewolves in the coming battle against the darkspawn.

Cassian also tells the Warden that the Lady of the Forest herself will be arriving soon.

Quotes Edit

  • (To the other werewolves in the barracks) "Ignore their stares. Our debt is to the Grey Warden."
  • "At least the humans provide meat and game. We eat well, even if they fear us. Rrrr... perhaps they should."
  • "They attempted to give us bedrooms within this castle... cushions and things stuffed with feathers. It made no sense. The kennels are nearly empty, and suit us far better."

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