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The venom of the wyvern is most potent and gives rise to a family of poisons developed in Antiva. They are recognised by a crimson speckling of the skin. Properly prepared, the venom is its own antidote. ―Colostro's Naturea

Case: the Dowager's Decline is a limited pinned action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from the action card The Dowager's Decline, and contributes to unlocking A Tangled Web.

Description Edit

The Acerbic Dowager's poisoning cannot go unanswered. If the perpetrator can reach her, is anyone safe?

Available actions Edit


Who had access to the Dowager's person?
And has anyone on her staff behaved suspiciously?
(uses an action)
-10 Clues, unlocks Trace the poison


Trace the poison
Someone made it. Someone sold it.
(uses an action)
-20 clues, unlocks Circulate the poisoner’s description


Circulate the poisoner's description
She won't get away with this. Set your agents on her trail.
(uses an action)
-30 Clues, +1 Secret, +1 Tangled Web

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