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Bard. Poisoning? Alibies? Scapegoats? An intriguing but not disfiguring scar? Bard, bard, bard, bard. We're expensive pets; we insist on a gilded cage. So my first piece of advice is, look to your fellow nobles, Marquis. And my second piece of advice: I bet you her disguise of last resort will be something ecclesiastical. No-one wants to punch a sister of the Chantry. But, more than that, I think we're all faithful at heart. We bards. We believe in something greater than ourselves. ―The Wayward Bard

A Tangled Web is a limited pinned event card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from A Tangled Web, and unlocks The Spider in the Web.

Description Edit

You are convinced that a guiding hand is behind much of Serault's recent strife. In each case a woman with red hair and nine fingers was at the root of the trouble.

Available Actions Edit


Intensify the search
Leave no hiding place.
(Uses 1 action)
-25 Clues, unlocks Close the noose


Ask the Wayward Bard for his professional opinion
(Requires A Favor from the Wayward Bard)
He's no stranger to subterfuge.
(Uses 1 action)
+5 Clues, unlocks Close the noose


Close the noose
You've burned her hiding places, peeled away her aliases, and hounded her trail. She won't escape this time.
(Uses 1 action)
-20 Clues, +1 Secret, unlocks The Spider in the Web

Notes Edit

The Favor from the Wayward Bard is not consumed by Ask the Wayward Bard for his professional opinion.

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