Case: The Errant Siblings is a limited pinned action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from A Petition from a Village Headsman, and unlocks Judging the Errant Siblings.

Description Edit

Alabair and Elose, two errant youths, stole from their neighbors, killed an itinerant tinker, and fled.

The siblings were not subtle. They spoke about their plans before they worked up the courage to go through with them. Chafing under the yoke of servitude, they meant to flee into the Applewoods and join the Dashing Outlaw's band. The money from their robberies was intended as a tribute to win the outlaws' approval.

It seems the Dashing Outlaw wasn't pleased with the tribute the siblings brought her. The common folk know the Outlaw as a robber of the rich but a friend to the poor, a reputation she protects fiercely.

Exactly what the Dashing Outlaw does with those who displease her is the subject of grisly night-time tales. The most disturbing say that she has made a pact with something that dwells in the wood, and offers it victims. In return it hides her camps from her enemies...

The siblings must be found, and made to pay for their crimes.

Available actions Edit


Learn of their plans
Perhaps their neighbors and relatives know where Alabair and Elose were going.
(uses 1 action)
-10 Clues, unlocks Learn of their reception


Learn of their reception
Did their plans come to fruition?
(uses 1 action)
-10 Clues, unlocks Solve the case


Solve the case
You have a good idea what happened to the Errant Siblings. But what will you do about it?
(uses 1 action)
Judging the Errant Siblings


Abandon the matter
Whatever they did, they're gone now. Declare the matter closed.
(uses 1 action)