Caliban is a unique one-handed sword in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Upgrades Edit

Can be found with:

DAI-gripicon1-common Grey Warden Longsword GripGrey Warden Longsword Grip
Common Grip

+7 Cunning
(+7 Cunning)
DAI-gripicon1-common Orlesian Officer Longsword Grip (Level 16)Orlesian Officer Longsword Grip (Level 16)
Common Grip

+7 Constitution
(+7 Constitution)
DAI-gripicon1-common Qunari Hunter Sword GripQunari Hunter Sword Grip
Common Grip

+7 Willpower
(+7 Willpower)
DAI-gripicon1-common Tevinter Longsword GripTevinter Longsword Grip
Common Grip

+9 Strength
(+9 Strength)

Multiplayer Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This Sword, along with the Tevinter Longsword Grip, can be seen in the "Sacred Ashes" Trailer for Origins, wielded by The Hero of Ferelden