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Cailan's Greaves are massive boots in Dragon Age: Origins. They require the Return to Ostagar DLC, and are part of the Cailan's armor set.

Acquisition Edit

These boots can be looted off the corpse of the Hurlock Strider, the first darkspawn commander encountered during the Return to Ostagar quest.

See also Edit

Massive armor red Cailan's BreastplateCailan's Breastplate
Massive chestpiece
Varies (Tier 5-7)
Requires: 36-42 strength

Armor: 15.75-21.88
Fatigue: 25.20-27.30%
+1 armor
+15 physical resistance
Massive helm red Cailan's HelmCailan's Helm
Massive helmet
Varies (Tier 5-7)
Requires: 36-42 strength

Armor: 2.70-3.75
Fatigue: 3.60-3.90%
+1 armor
+10 mental resistance
Massive gloves red Cailan's GauntletsCailan's Gauntlets
Massive gloves
Varies (Tier 5-7)
Requires: 36-42 strength

Armor: 2.25-3.13
Fatigue: 3.60-3.90%
+1 armor
+15% critical/backstab damage

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