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The Caged in Stone codex quest is located in the Diamond Quarter of Orzammar. It takes place in the throne room of the Royal Palace and will only work as long as there is no king in power.

Walkthrough Edit

When you go into the throne room of the palace, you will see the throne has an information point on it. Looking at this will give you the Codex entry: Caged in Stone.

You may have noticed that while walking within the Palace there are areas that will create a shifting gears sound. There are three of these pressure plates:

  • Just outside the throne room. It is the large decorated square tile.
  • Inside the throne room. Facing the throne, look to the left for an exposed column of lava. The tiles at the base look like an arrow pointing into the lava. The two pressure plates are the "tails" of the arrow.

When a character steps on a plate, it will make a loud clicking sound. Position one companion (or a pet/summon) on each plate (place party on hold), then with selected character click on the throne again. If you have done this correctly, there will be lightning and a dragon will appear, which you have to slay.

Note: Once the dragon appears the person (or pet) outside the throne room is teleported inside the room and both doors lock. A rogue can unlock them (for 5 XP each) but no one else joins the battle.

Rewards Edit

When you kill the dragon, it drops:

Ico greatsword AgelessAgeless
Silverite (Tier 6)
Requires: 34 strength

Damage: 16.50
Critical chance: 2.25%
Armor penetration: 5.25
Strength modifier: 1.10
Weakens nearby darkspawn
Messy kills
Increases hostility and intimidation
+0.25 pcIcon pc or +0.5 ps3Icon ps3xbox360Icon xbox360stamina regeneration in combat
+4 damage vs. darkspawn
(Silverite Greatsword)
Ico armor heavy Heavy ChainmailHeavy Chainmail
Heavy chestpiece
Varies (Tier 1-7)
Requires: 18 strength

Armor: 6.25
Fatigue: 14.00%
Note: This dragon does not drop a Dragon Scale.

Notes Edit

  • This requires that you have 3 companions (or pets/summons) in your party; otherwise you cannot make the dragon appear.
  • If you have already picked a king for Orzammar this quest is no longer available.

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