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By the Grace of the Dalish is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Dalish would be skeptical of any force as powerful and connected as the Inquisition. It will take considerable effort to earn the favor of Hawen's Clan.

Acquisition Edit

Speak with Master Taniel or Loranil in the Dalish camp. Alternatively, if the Inquisitor has previously spoken with the Dalish hunter as part of A Dalish Perspective, he/she can mention the meeting with the hunter to Keeper Hawen and this will also unlock the quest.

Walkthrough Edit

Earn favor by completing the various subquests. The quest completes when 15 favor has been earned.

Favor gainsEdit

  • meeting the Dalish hunter Olafin as part of A Dalish Perspective and choosing the "I met one of your hunters" conversation option when speaking to Keeper Hawen afterwards. (
    DAIApproval Dalish Favor +1
    , disappears if the camp is visited first)
  • completing From the Beyond (
    DAIApproval Dalish Favor +3
  • completing A Well-Stocked Camp (
    DAIApproval Dalish Favor +1
    for every supply drop, five available)
  • completing The Golden Halla (
    DAIApproval Dalish Favor +3
  • completing Someone to Lose without mentioning "Blood magic" (
    DAIApproval Dalish Favor +1
    for "Teenagers are stupid" or
    DAIApproval Dalish Favor +2
    for "He was brave")
  • completing Something to Prove (
    DAIApproval Dalish Favor +3
  • completing A Knight's Tomb in the Emerald Graves and accompanying dungeon exploration. Turn into the Dalish rather than the Chantry to receive
    DAIApproval Dalish Favor +3

Favor lossesEdit

Speak to Loranil once sufficient favor (
DAIApproval 15
) has been earned to recruit him for the Inquisition.

Notes Edit

It is entirely possible to negate the losses completely by looting the tomb and finishing the side quests before meeting with the Dalish. As the disposition is at zero, it will not go lower. Doing so holds no actual repercussions, i.e. the Dalish will talk down to you at first, but then still talk to you as normal. It is also possible to do the parts of the quest that affect the Dalish's disposition negatively after already acquiring Loranil as an agent, with no negative effects.

Rewards Edit

Completing the quest yields:

  • 512 XP
  • 200 Influence
  • 2 Power

Recruiting Loranil as an agent yields:

  • 100 Influence
  • 1 Power

Results Edit

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