For the talent in Dragon Age: Inquisition, see Bulwark (Inquisition).

Bulwark is a warrior talent from the Defender tree in Dragon Age II.

Information Edit

  • Upgrades Stonewall
  • Requires: Level 3
  • Cooldown: -5s (total of 10s)
  • Damage resistance: +50%
  • Knockback resistance: 100%
  • Knockdown resistance: 100%
  • deals basic attack damage to melee attackers who successfully hit the warrior.

Notes Edit

  • Activation base is a fixed stamina value.
  • Does not confer damage immunity. Rather, it creates a "+100% damage resistance" modifier against enemy attacks and friendly fire damage, which in turn can be reduced by other effects or properties, notably the 50% reduction in effectiveness inherent in all spirit-element attacks. Thus, this only reduces the friendly fire damage from a spell like Walking Bomb by 50%, which in this example still leaves the warrior exposed to an exceedingly-high amount of damage.
  • Combining this talent with other damage reducing abilities such as Barrier or Arcane Fortress will not increase damage resistance any further, as the property caps at 100%. Although most forms of damage can be prevented by hitting this mark, spirit element attacks will cut this 100% in half, thus ensuring the element will maintain at least 50% of its true damage without specifically wielding spirit resistance.