Bulky Greatsword Grip is a common grip weapon upgrade in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Can be found in the following weapons:

  • DAI Common Greatsword Icon 1 Avvar Warlord GreatswordAvvar Warlord Greatsword
    Common Greatsword
    Requires: Level 10

    Damage: 123–129 AoE
    +9 Strength
  • DAI Bassrath-Kata Icon Bassrath-KataBassrath-Kata
    Common Greatsword
    Requires: Level 13

    Damage: 148–155 AoE
    +11% Attack
    +10% focus gain
  • Rendors Blade icon Rendor's BladeRendor's Blade
    Unique Greatsword
    King Vanedrin Theirin offered Rendor knighthood numerous times for "service to the Fereldan throne." Historians believe Rendor was an adventurer or mercenary regularly hired to ambush Orlesian patrols trying to bypass the Frostback Mountains or make overtures to enemies among the Avvar—thus his nickname, "the Mountain Terror."
    Requires: Level 9

    Damage: 144–152 AoE
    +9% Attack
    +10% Bleed on Hit
    10% chance to apply Walking Bomb for 5 seconds, with detonation of 50% weapon damage
  • Verdict icon VerdictVerdict
    Unique Greatsword
    This blade was at every execution in the reign of Antivan King Guiomar the Younger, who personally decapitated those he decreed guilty, claiming a Maker-granted right as judge and executioner. When the Antivan Crows' Callisto di Bastion killed him, the sword was on display until stolen by an unknown party.
    Requires: Level 8

    Damage: 135–142 AoE
    +20 AoE Damage vs. Corrupted
    +5% Attack
    +3 Strength
    +3% Sunder On Hit

Available in Multiplayer.