The Brosca family is a casteless family living in Dust Town, the poverty-stricken and crime-riddled ghetto of Orzammar.

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As the family does not belong to a caste, they must survive by any means necessary. In this case, Rica Brosca and her younger sibling, the Dwarf Commoner, work for the local Carta boss Beraht. Prior to this, as implied by dialog from Beraht, Rica and possibly her sibling swept streets to survive.

Rica is a noble hunter, involved in an affair with a nobleman that she hopes will result in a son to improve the lot of the family by raising them to the noble caste of the child's father, and to satisfy the Brosca family's debt to Beraht. The Dwarf Commoner, whether male or female, is hired muscle and acts as Beraht's enforcer.

The two siblings live with their drunken, embittered mother Kalah Brosca. Rica and the Dwarf Commoner have different fathers.[1] Kalah and the Dwarf Commoner's father intended to "bind a marriage" but Kalah refused to pursue his dream of leaving for the surface for a better life. He vanished when the Dwarf Commoner was a baby, presumably to the surface, never to be heard from again. The loss of the Dwarf Commoner's father is the cause of Kalah's drunkenness.

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Over the course of the game it is revealed that Rica's paramour is Prince Bhelen Aeducan. She bears a son to him named Endrin, after his grandfather. Rica will then become a royal concubine and move to the Palace along with her mother.

If the Warden is of Dwarf Commoner Origin and survives the events of the Fifth Blight, due to their accomplishments they will become part of the warrior caste and thus the Brosca family will also be incorporated into that caste. After months of deliberation, the Assembly names the Dwarf Commoner a Paragon and a new noble House is founded in their name. It is expected that this new House would include all members of the Brosca family.

If Bhelen is King, he erects a statue to Paragon Brosca, in front of the Royal Palace instead of the more traditional Hall of Heroes; a statement of how much he wishes Orzammar to venerate his wife's family. [2]

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Family TreeEdit

Kalah Brosca
Bhelen Aeducan
Rica Brosca
The Warden (Dwarf Commoner)
Endrin Aeducan

References Edit

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