A broodmother is a giant sessile ghoul capable of spawning vast numbers of darkspawn in a manner reminiscent of an insect queen.[1]

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Broodmothers give birth to a large litter at once, between twenty and fifty children.[2] They emerge from her womb as toddlers, often already able to walk, and grow rapidly in their first few weeks of life. A broodmother will birth thousands of darkspawn young in her lifetime.

Female captives are usually made broodmothers by the darkspawn. They contract the taint by being force-fed darkspawn tissue and consuming darkspawn vomit that is forcefully spewed into the captive's mouth.[3] This gives them cannibalistic urges but also mutates them. These females turn into fully-fledged broodmothers after devouring massive amounts of flesh even from their own kin.

The race of the broodmother determines which kind of darkspawn she will give birth to. An elven broodmother will spawn shrieks, a dwarven broodmother genlocks, a human broodmother hurlocks, and a Qunari or kossith broodmother ogres. Each broodmother is capable of spawning thousands of darkspawn.

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Dragon Age: Origins Edit

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The Warden faces a broodmother in order to pass through the Dead Trenches during their search for a missing Paragon. The dwarven broodmother encountered here was one of the women of House Branka named Laryn. Branka willingly allowed her to be corrupted in order to use her "children" to probe the traps protecting the Anvil of the Void.

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Edit

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Several broodmothers are killed by the Warden-Commander in the Lower Reaches of Kal'Hirol.

The Warden later confronts the Mother, a human broodmother who was subjected to an awakening by the Architect.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Edit

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In resolving the Judgment of Ser Ruth, the Inquisitor can elect to exile Ser Ruth to the Deep Roads. If the Inquisitor selects Leliana as the advisor to handle her Calling in the subsequent war table operation, it is reported back that she was found dead by a Broodmother she apparently had slain, as well as much of the brood that was being spawned.

Abilities Edit

Creature icon1 Gas
Ico Grab Grab
Creature icon1 Ranged Spit
Scream (broodmother) Scream
Creature icon1 Sweep
Creature icon1 Vomit
Note: They seem to be immobile, however, their tentacles will erupt from the ground anywhere within their chamber to attack ranged/magi opponents.

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  • To date, no specific broodmothers of elven or qunari origin have been shown or described.

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