Brittle is part of the cross-class combos system in Dragon Age II.

It can only be inflicted by a mage. Warriors and rogues can exploit a brittle foe.

BRITTLE: increases critical damage taken by 50%

Spells that cause brittle Edit

Elemental Elemental
Winter's Grasp DA2 Winter's Grasp
Activation: 20
Cooldown: 20s
Requires: Level 2
The mage summons a blast of cold that injures and slows a single enemy.

Cold damage: 4.5x

Elemental force: 2x
Enemy attack speed: -50%
Enemy movement speed: -50%
Duration: 10s

Winter's Grasp DA2 Winter's Blast
Requires: Level 6
Requires: 2 points in Elemental
Winter's Grasp is now likely to freeze opponents, and may leave some in a BRITTLE state that warriors and rogues can exploit.

Freeze chance: 100% vs normal enemies

BRITTLE chance: 40% vs. frozen targets

Cone of Cold DA2 Cone of Cold
Size: 12m semi-circle
Activation: 30
Cooldown: 30s
Requires: Level 4
Requires:Winter's Grasp
A cone of deadly ice shoots forth from the mage's hands to injure and slow opponents.

Cold damage: 3.05x Base Damage

Elemental force: 2x
Enemy attack speed: -75%
Enemy movement speed: -75%

Cone of Cold DA2 Deep Freeze
Requires: Level 8
Requires: 3 points in Elemental
The Cone of Cold freeze some enemies solid, and may even leave them BRITTLE, vulnerable to further attacks.

Freeze chance: 60% vs. normal enemies

BRITTLE chance: 20% vs frozen targets

ElementalMasteryIcon Elemental Mastery
Requires: Level 10
Requires:Cone of Cold
Requires:7 points in Elemental
The mage learns to command nature's two brutal extremes, mastering the dreadful effects of both fire and ice.

Fire damage: +25%

Cold damage: +25%
Mana/stamina regeneration rate: +10
BRITTLE chance 100% vs frozen targets

Primal DA2 Primal
Petrify DA2 Petrify
Activation: 30
Duration: 12s
Cooldown: 45s
Requires: Level 4
The mage entombs an enemy in stone, leaving the foe temporarily unable to move. However, the target becomes more resistant to damage for the duration of the spell.

Paralyze chance: 100% vs. any enemy

Enemy damage resistance: +50%

Petrify DA2 Desiccate
Requires: Level 8
Requires: 3 points in Primal
Petrify now leaves the foe more exposed, decreasing protection from attacks and turning most enemies BRITTLE.

Enemy damage resistance: -30%

BRITTLE chance: 100% vs normal enemies

Spells/ Abilities that exploit brittle Edit

Warrior Edit

Two-Handed DA2 Two-Handed
Mighty Blow Mighty Blow
Activation: 20
Cooldown: 20s
Requires: Level 2
The warrior leaps into the air, crashing down on foes with tremendous force.

Physical damage: 4x
Physical force: 2x
Mighty Blow Shattering Blow
Requires: Level 8
Requires: 2 points in Two-Handed
Mighty Blow now crushes enemies who a mage has made BRITTLE.

Cooldowns: -5s (total: 15s)
Physical damage: 300% vs. BRITTLEBrittle targets
Physical force: 200% vs. BRITTLEBrittle targets
Scythe Scythe
Range: Unknown
Activation: 30
Cooldown: 20s
Requires: Level 5
Requires:Mighty Blow
Requires:2 points in Two-Handed
The warrior charges through enemy lines, felling combatants in the way.

Physical damage: 3x
Physical force: 2x
Scythe Reaper
Requires: Level 9
Scythe inflicts a great deal more pain, particularly against enemies a mage has made BRITTLE.

Physical damage: +1.5x (total: 4.5x)
Physical force: +1x (total: 3x)
Physical damage: 200% vs. BRITTLEBrittle targets
Physical force: 200% vs BRITTLEBrittle targets

Vanguard Vanguard
Cleave Cleave
Activation: 30
Duration: 10s
Cooldown: 25s
Requires: Level 6
Requires:2 points in Vanguard
For a short time, the warrior's damage output increases tremendously.

Damage: +75%
Duration: 10s
Cleave Claymore
Requires: Level 10
Requires: 4 points in Vanguard
The warrior now retains the damage bonus from Cleave for longer and leaves some opponents off-balance, ready for further exploitation by a mage or rogue.

Duration: +5s

STAGGER chance 10% vs. normal enemies
stun chance 100% vs. BRITTLE targets

Rogue Edit

Archery DA2 Archery
Bursting Arrow Bursting Arrow
Size: 5m sphere
Activation: 30
Cooldown: 20s
Requires: Level 3
This arrow explodes on impact showering the area in shrapnel and flame.

Fire Damage: 1.1x

Elemental Force: 3x

Bursting Arrow Shattering Arrow
Cooldown: 15s
Requires: Level 9
Requires: 2 points in Archery
Bursting Arrow is now more powerful and can be used more frequently.

Cooldown: -5s (total: 15s)

Fire damage: 600% vs. BRITTLE
Elemental Force: 400% vs. BRITTLE

Archer's Lance Archer's Lance
Activation: 40
Cooldown: 30s
Requires: Pinning Shot
Requires:Bursting Arrow
Requires:Level 7
Requires:3 points in Archery
This arrow carries such force that it tears through every enemy along its deadly path.

Physical damage: 1.7x

Physical force: 2x
Critical chance: 100% vs. targeted enemy

Archer's Lance Punishing Lance
Requires: Level 11
Requires: 6 points in Archery
Archer's Lance scythes through weaker opponents.

Kills weaker opponents

Physical damage: +0.85x (total: 2.55x)
Physical damage: 600% vs. BRITTLE
Physical force: 400% vs. BRITTLE

Rogue assassin Assassin
Rogue assassinate Assassinate
Activation: 40
Cooldown: 50s
Requires: Level 10
Requires:Pinpoint Strikes
Assassinate kills weak enemies outright, while survivors suffer a massive critical hit.

physical damage:
7.3x dual wield
4.5x archery

100% critical chance

Rogue assassinate Annihilate
Requires: Level 14

3 points in Assassin

Assassinate now inflicts a critical hit against enemies who would otherwise be immune. It is even more devastating against BRITTLE targets.

200% physical damage vs BRITTLE targets

-10s cooldown

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