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Bring Me the Heart of Snow White is a companion quest for Vivienne in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Vivienne requires the heart of a wyvern to complete an alchemical formula. Though all wyvern hearts look more or less the same, she specified that it needs to be from a rare beast known as the snowy wyvern.

Acquisition Edit

This quest is received when talking to Vivienne and accepting her request that the Inquisitor find and kill a snowy wyvern and bring her its heart so that she can complete an alchemical formula. Vivienne does not specify at this point why she needs the formula. Available after Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts.

Walkthrough Edit

The wyvern is in the northern part of the Exalted Plains. The Inquisitor needs to unlock and complete the war table operation Gain Access to Ghilan'nain's Grove in order to access the grove where wyverns are located. The location for acquiring this operation can be found a ways east from an ocularum, north of Fort Revasan. It costs 5 Power to complete.


Snowy Wyvern found in Ghilan'nain's Grove.

Upon unlocking the area, when the Inquisitor first passes through the newly opened tunnel, they are given a quest to clear a group of wyverns from the camp site. It is possible to collect a heart from these and return them to Vivienne, pretending it is the heart she seeks.

To find the snowy wyvern, continue on north, following the quest marker. As there is a dragon near the center of the same area, it is best to stay close to the northwestern edge. On the way, pick up the codex entry Ghilan'nain: Mother of the Halla and claim the landmark Broken Dog.

Upon returning to Skyhold, hand in the quest to Vivienne.

Note: "Vivienne's Alchemy Notes" can be found in her room once the quest has been given. The notes provide insight into the purpose of the heart but the Inquisitor cannot talk to Vivienne about the notes and finding them has no bearing on the quest outcome. It does, however, give the player 50-150 XP for reading it (depending on perks taken).

Rewards Edit

  • 1,025 XP
  • 400 Influence
  • 3 Power

If either the common or snowy wyvern heart is given to Vivienne the quest completes immediately, just before the cutscene with Bastien. The following two items are not received until after a follow-up conversation with Vivenne at Skyhold:

Results Edit

  • With the exception of the "no deal" option, rewards are always the same, regardless of the conversation choices.
  • Whether the Inquisitor lies or gives Vivienne the real heart, Bastien's fate is always the same.

Approval Edit

When returning to Vivienne with the heart, the Inquisitor is presented with a conversation choice. Results are as follows:

  • I've got the heart. Now talk. - Vivienne
    DAIApproval Disapproves
    • [Lie.] Here's the heart. - Vivienne
      DAIApproval Greatly Disapproves
      after talking to her again
    • Very well, here it is. - Vivienne
      DAIApproval Greatly Approves
      when talking to her again
    • Then no deal. - Vivienne
      DAIApproval Greatly Disapproves
      . Ends the quest, no rewards are given.
  • I've got it - Vivienne
    DAIApproval Greatly Approves
    when talking to her again
  • [Lie.] I've brought the heart. - Vivienne
    DAIApproval Greatly Disapproves
    after talking to her again
  • Not yet. - Ends the conversation, quest remains in the Journal

If Inquisitor gives Vivienne the real heart, the next conversation the Inquisitor initiates with Vivienne relates to her history with her lover. If given the common wyvern heart, Vivienne will reveal that she's aware of the Inquisitor's duplicity. Further approval gains and losses can be seen here.

Gallery Edit

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