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Brennan Evighan is a guardswoman of the Kirkwall City Guard.

Involvement Edit

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for Dragon Age II.

Brennan is involved in the quest The Way It Should Be. After defeating the raiders on Sundermount, Brennan thanks Aveline for most likely saving her life. She points out that she would have been on patrol alone, citing that the route had been clear for weeks. Brennan further mentions Guard-Captain Jeven having the guards on light duty doing deliveries to the further outposts, usually carrying a satchel with the updated duty roster. This time, however, the satchel was curiously heavy.

She also appears during The Long Road, mocking Donnic for being assigned for light duty.

Brennan returns in the quest Favor and Fault. Aveline confronts her about some complaints and Brennan reveals that former Guard-Captain Jeven has returned and is looking for revenge. She tells Aveline where to find Jeven.
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for Dragon Age: Inquisition.
In a war table mission, Cullen mentions "a friend in the Kirkwall guard" who may be able to help to resolve an issue; a note at the conclusion of the mission reveals that this is Brennan.

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