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For the talent in Dragon Age: Origins, see Bravery (Origins).

Bravery is a warrior talent from the Warmonger tree in Dragon Age II.

Information Edit

  • Attack: +10% per enemy in range (after the first)
  • Critical chance: +3% per enemy in range (after the first)

Upgrades Edit

Bravery DA2 Bravado
Requires: Level 9
Bravery now draws more enemies toward the warrior, thus further increasing the mode's bonuses.

Threat generation: +50% per enemy in range (after the first)
Bravery DA2 Bravura
Requires: Level 9
Requires:3 points in Warmonger
Every enemy who swarms the warrior while Bravery is active now increases the warrior's damage further.

Damage: +5% per enemy in range (after the first)

Bugs Edit

  • ps3Icon ps3 Stacks with Battle Synergy if you activate one quickly after the other.