Bogfishers are animals that inhabit southern Ferelden.

Background Edit

Bogfishers favor dark, moist habitats like caves, swamps or marshes. Although their appearance has given them a somewhat monstrous reputation, they are shy creatures that only hunt eels, frogs, and fish.[1]

Locations Edit

Fallow Mire icon (Inquisition) Fallow Mire
Frostback Basin Icon Frostback Basin

Loot Edit

Creature research icon Bogfisher TeethBogfisher Teeth
Creature research item
This is a creature research item. Bring it to a creature research specialist to learn more about this type of creature.

Craggy Skin icon Craggy SkinCraggy Skin
(Frostback Basin)
Rough Hide icon Rough HideRough Hide
(Fallow Mire)

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References Edit

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