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Bodyguard is Aveline's talent from her unique Guardian specialization in Dragon Age II.

Information Edit

  • Damage transfer: 25% from target to Aveline
  • Reserved: 15% of stamina
  • Cooldown: 5s

Upgrades Edit

Bodyguard Elite Bodyguard
Requires: Level 12
Requires:2 points in Guardian
Aveline increases her aid to a party member, suffering even more damage on the party member's behalf.

Damage transfer: +25% from target to Aveline

Notes Edit

  • Although the level requirement for this talent is listed as Level 8, it has a pre-requisite in Retaliation, which in turn has a level requirement of Level 9. Thus, the earliest Aveline can actually learn this talent is Level 10, if she has not reserved a talent point from an earlier level-up to unlock it alongside Retaliation at Level 9.

Bugs Edit

  • Sometimes upon changing areas the party member being guarded will lose the buff but Aveline will still have it, forcing you to remove it from her and reapply it.