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Blown in on the Wind is a market day action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court.

Description Edit

One of the Marquis' subjects brings forth an individual found in Serault who claims to be Carver Hawke, brother to Hawke, the Champion of Kirkwall.

Available Actions Edit

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Splr da2
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for Dragon Age II.

Carver Hawke died at Lothering
This is an imposter.


"Greetings, Templar."
His tabard is marked with the chantry sunburst.


"Greetings, Warden."
He wears the grey cloak and grim look of all Grey Wardens.
An Unofficial Meeting


Carver Hawke died on the Deep Roads
He contracted the Taint. His own sibling had to kill him.

Rewards Edit

  • 1 x Favor from the quest Giver
  • Died At Lothering + Freed Imposter = 1 Secret, +10 Freedom, -10 Dignity
  • Died At Lothering + Imprisoned = 3 Authority, -10 Freedom, +10 Dignity, +10 Prosperity
  • Templar + Grant Hospitality = 1 Secrets, +10 Freedom, -10 Dignity
  • Templar + Cast Him Out = 3 Authority, +10 Dignity
  • Warden + Welcome Him = 3 Secrets, +10 Freedom, -10 Dignity
  • Warden + Turn Him Away = 3 Authority, +10 Dignity
  • Died in the Deep Roads + Freed = 3 Secrets, +10 Freedom, -10 Dignity
  • Died in the Deep Roads + Imprisoned = 3 Authority, -10 Freedom, +10 Dignity, +10 Prosperity

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