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Bloom is a unique battleaxe in Dragon Age II. It is among the most powerful two-handed weapons in the game, dealing pure cold damage, runes withstanding.

Acquisition Edit

Looted from an Arcane Horror during the Act 3 quest The Awiergan Scrolls: Third Aspect.

Background Edit

Our hero strode the winding road,
Defiant of the vile.
Uncertain pause for home and cause,
When met the monster's smile.

A man his kin through blood and sin
A bastard of the gloom.
A rising cut through bone and gut,
An awful skyward bloom.

—From "Song of Old Marches: The Death of Goodman Ser Austice at the Hand of the Reaver Shius," inscriptions collected by Philliam, a Bard!
—From Codex entry: Bloom

Trivia Edit

This weapon's appearance is identical to Top-Chop Brand.

Gallery Edit

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