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Blood of the First is one of Merrill's spells from her unique Dalish Pariah specialization in Dragon Age II. It has the same stats as the Blood Magic spell from the Blood Mage specialization.

Information Edit

  • Effect: Spellcasting consumes health instead of mana.
  • Effect: Immune to conventional healing.
  • Cost ratio: 1 health provides 2 mana (3 mana with Solidarity).
  • Blood Magic enhancements on gear stack with the health-to-mana exchange of the skill as well.

Notes Edit

  • Damage caused by Blood Magic can be mitigated by the abilities Battle Synergy and Bodyguard (This is no longer possible as of patch 1.03).
  • Even though this mode prevents healing by conventional means, faster health regeneration is still possible provided that Panacea and/or Healing Aura affects Merrill.

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