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Current news Edit

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    King Cousland

    Dragon Age: Inquisition has officially gone gold!

    This means that the game is now complete across all platforms and has been shipped to retailers ready to be sold. The game releases on November the 18th in North America, the 20th in Australia, the 21st in Europe and the 27th in Japan.

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    Wardens, Heroes of Kirkwall and my fellow Inquisitors. I want to extend my thanks to everyone who has contributed to this community - editors, contributors, readers, and those wee ones on the chat who keep me up at night. Over these past 5 years we've seen the audience for this wiki grow and shrink and grow again as games are released. Here we are, a month away from the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Wikia and BioWare has graciously allowed Loleil and I to spend some time in San Francisco playing the game. After a day of play testing followed by two days of withdrawal, I am sure that:

    Dragon Age: Inquisition will be the best game in the series.

    And in anticipation of new visitors and a growing community, King Cousland, Loleil and I want to extend a warm welcome to Kelcat and HD3 who will be helping us grow this community. Kelcat's contributions and HD3's contributions to the wiki speaks volumes about their passion for the game and we are thrilled to have them aboard.

    And as we grow …

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    Contribute to the community consensus for the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition by answering the polls below! The results will be featured in an upcoming Instant Expert feature centered on the game, which we'll be posting on Monday, November 10th. Feel free to go into detail about your responses in the comments, as well!

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    Believe it!

    According to the Twitter, the Dragon Age Keep Open Beta has officially landed! Sign up with Origin and start using the Keep today at

    Keep launches as an open beta.

    There may be a waiting room depending on how many Keepers are logged on.

    It's fast and easy to use once you're in.

    Graphics and animation can always be upgraded by the Keep staff later.

    The Keep's function is self-explanatory, but there's also a tutorial hidden in the "list" looking icon in the top left. Click to make a side panel shift out. The tutorial is in there along with other options, such as to see the achievements that carried over.

    The Keep works by having your games upload your achievements and data to the BSN servers, and then the Keep accesses that information to load into itself. The Keep does not load your game choices. You will have to select the game choices manually. Hints are provided to refresh your memory. Finally, you save all that by exporting your save state to Inquisition. You can ma…

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    Inquisition Comunity Q&A

    October 24, 2014 by Raylan13

    Submission deadline: Midnight, Monday October 27th

    In light of the upcoming release of Dragon Age: Inquisition we're asking anyone that has questions about the game contribute to our Community Q&A in the blog comments below!

    Next week Wikia has the opportunity to sit and discuss the game with none other than Mark Darrah, Executive Producer of the franchise. The deadline for submitting is no later than midnight, Monday October 27th.

    Keep in mind that, due to potential time constraints, Mark Darrah may not be able to answer every question, but we will do our utmost to see that as many are addressed as possible!

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    Albeit posted here a few days late, but BioWare made an interview with Miranda Raison, the voice actor of Cassandra. She's talking about "what it takes to step into the shoes of the Right Hand of the Divine" and "how Cassandra has changed since we last met her and what we can look forward to with her in Dragon Age: Inquisition."

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    BioWare Have posted another trailer promoting the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition. The trailer described the three Classes available to the Inquisitor, in addition to a brief summary of Dorian, Sera, and Iron Bull, detailing their respective roles both in combat and out.

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    In Bioware's latest livestream, it was announced that Dragon Age Keep will be launched as an open beta on the 29th of October, two weeks before the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition itself.

    The beta itself has received bug-fixing updates for current beta testers, encouraging them to keep an eye out for further issues.

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    Today, Bioware released a new trailer. Title "Hero of Thedas".

    Here's a link as well. Enjoy, and feel free to discuss. Will this be the final trailer?

    Vivienne is confirmed to be the voice at the beginning. It sounds like Solas speaking at the end, and during. It would also appear Solas is the one who leads us to Skyhold.

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    The PC requirements for Dragon Age: Inquisition have been revealed which can be found here.

    The following is explored in which BioWare assert the following: "When Dragon Age: Inquisition launches on November 18, players will once again explore the land of Thedas to craft their own, personal adventures."

    The requirements are as the following:



    Windows 7 or 8.1 64-bit


    AMD quad core CPU @ 2.5 GHz

    Intel quad core CPU @ 2.0 GHz

    System RAM:

    4 GB

    Graphics CARD:

    AMD Radeon HD 4870

    NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT

    Graphics Memory:

    512 MB

    Hard Drive:

    26 GB





    Windows 7 or 8.1 64-bit


    AMD six core CPU @ 3.2 GHz

    Intel quad core CPU @ 3.0 GHz

    System RAM:

    8 GB

    Graphics CARD:

    AMD Radeon HD 7870 or R9 270

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660

    Graphics Memory:


    Hard Drive:

    26 GB



    • Xbox 360 controller supported
    • 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
    • Online Authentication at time of installation
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    To promote the upcoming release of Dragon Age: Inquisition, EA have released Dragon Age: Origins for free on Origin- one of two games currently available on their "On the House" deals. It will only be available until the 18th of October, however once the game is downloaded, it is permanently tied to the user's Origin account.

    Sadly it is only the standard edition, and DLC is still priced as usual, but this is a great opportunity for newcomers to the series to try the game out before Inquisition arrives. Those interested can pick up the game here.

    The official Dragon Age website was updated with the following message to promote the recent announcement:

    Dragon Age: Origins introduced gamers to the rich, detailed world of Thedas, a world filled with deadly mages and powerful dragons. The choice-driven RPG has strategic combat and a personalized story, and it’s free right now with Origin On the House! Just add it to your Origin Game Library and download it whenever you want.

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    BioWare released a Q&A regarding crafting and customization, which you can read here.

    The Q&A answers these questions:

    • If I choose not to craft, will I still be able to find unique or powerful weapons and armor?
    • How will the inventory of your backpack be managed in DAI? Will it be determined by number of slots or weight of objects?
    • Will there be schematics to craft weapons and armor?
    • Are craftable weapons comparably strong to looted ones?
    • Can we craft weapons with elemental effects?
    • Can mage staves also be modified?
    • Can you craft absolutely unique armor or weapons?
    • Will there be new materials to the series to craft items with?
    • Will there be rare crafting materials, or are most of them easy to find?
    • What level of customization will we have with our companions?
    • Does the customization of our companions' outfits show visual changes for them?
    • Is there an opportunity to change colors of armor and robes? Also, are there cloaks and hoods in the game?
    • Will the Inquisitor have civilian or casual clothing to …

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    A new video has been released in regards to Dragon Age: Inquisition which can be found here

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    In case anyone missed the live streaming on Twitch from BioWare, they archived it and made it available for us.

    We can see the game from the very beginning, how one chooses gender, race and class first. You can pick wether you want to be a Dual Wielding rogue, Archer, Two-Handed or Weapon & Shield warrior. It will not lock you in but instead gives you starting abilities and equipment accordingly to what you chose. They include character creation in this video as well. They also explain it a bit more how importing data from the Keep into the game will work and show when you will have the chance to do so. However, they refrained from revealing the intro of the game in this presentation.

    After the character creation, they load a gameplay which takes place in the Deep Roads, with a male human warrior, Cassandra, Varric and Vivienne, involed in a quest against the Carta and some templars. The gameplay is relatively long and they answer quite a few questions asked by fans, such as if one can …

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    Character Creation

    September 30, 2014 by Margerard

    Many have expressed their interest in seeing more of character creation, and BioWare finally delivered a presentation of the character creator. The newest additions seem to be the click & drag feature, free hand at picking colors from a palette instead of default colors, and the ability to change the color of the inner and outer part of the iris. Also, all races are featured, albeit mostly humans - but you can see a male dwarf, a female elf and a female qunari, for which you can see some of the possible horns as well.

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