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This page lists news items posted at the Dragon Age Wiki.

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Current news Edit

  • 22

    Prima Games has announced an “Uber Edition” for Dragon Age: Inquisition by BioWare. The Dragon Age Inquisition Inquisitor’s Edition.

    This exclusive set is contained in a large leather-textured Dragon Age themed container and includes the following in accordance to the item description:

    • 368-page Collector’s Edition hardcover guide with unique cover treatments matching the container
    • Stylized pen with the Inquisition logo presented in a themed box
    • Four faux leather bookmarks topped with metal headers, stamped with Dragon Age faction emblems, and backed with colored ribbons matching the faction colours as well as including bonus in-game items

    Though the game is not included and there are no details as to whether this is a North American exclusive, more can information can be found here

    There will only be one manufacturing run of this item however, similar to the Collector's edition of the game itself.

    BioWare's Dragon Age Facebook page enquired (jokingly) if Brother Genitivi would approve. Would…

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  • 87
    King Cousland

    To kick off the next phase of marketing, BioWare have released a narrated video showcasing the new and improved combat in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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  • 20

    BioWare is at Comic Con San Diego, and they have brought some more demos to the fans. So far they have been showing us the already well known demo with the female Qunari mage, but it seems they decided to show us what it's like with a male human rogue Inquisitor this time. One of the newest features seems to be the throwing knives, which has been available only for Tallis in previous installments. Other than an introduction to the dual wielder rogue gameplay, however, the areas and enemies are the same.

    The video is of low quality as of yet, if there will be a video longer and of better quality than this, it will be updated.

    Thank you Star Metal Knight for this great catch!

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  • 196

    BioWare announced that there's a new release date for Dragon Age: Inquisition. In North America it's the 18th of November, while in Europe it's the 21st of November. They mention no particular reason for the delay, only that "this last bit of time is about polishing the experience" they want us to see.

    As long as the official link that was both tweeted and shared on Facebook is dysfunctional, here's an article that has the news post copied.

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  • 31

    Message wall trial

    July 16, 2014 by Loleil

    Hi community! Although this slightly less exciting than the usual news, I just wanted to let you know that in approximately one day we will be trialing a new user talk page system called message wall. Taken from here the main changes are:

    • It’s not a wiki page. You can add comments directly without going into the wiki editor, and you will see them immediately.
    • Newer conversations are at the top of the page; archiving is automatic. When there are more than 20 conversations, your Message Wall automatically paginates, so there’s no need to manually archive content.
    • Message wall Conversations condensed for faster scanning. Long conversations are condensed, and it just takes one click to expand them. This way, you can scan your Message Wall without getting overwhelmed by a long conversation in the middle.
    • Messages are separated into conversations, which you can link to directly — and permanently! Since archiving is automatic, these links won’t break when the conversation gets old.
    • Messages are signe…
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  • 199

    Yesterday Lazare326 has introduced BioWare's new series of gameplay footages in his previous blog post, and now here is the second part of it. In this video you can see the Redcliffe Castle, where the Inquisitor, Dorian, Iron Bull, Sera and Leliana encounter Dorian's former master, Alexius and the Venatori.

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  • 103

    BioWare officially released the gameplay demo that was seen at E3. Though we have seen this video before, Mike Laidlaw walks us through this with detail, as well as highlighting abilities, skills and upgrades.

    Notably, those of you wondering what party banter would be like, the instance between Iron Bull and Sera at 8.00 is rather hilarious. Though we've seen this before, there seems to be an intention that a new series will spawn from this.

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  • 114

    Raptr Q&A

    July 9, 2014 by Lazare326

    Raptr recently asked us, the BioWare fan base to come up with questions for the Dragon Age team. The Q&A in its entirety can be found here.

    A whole raft of important news was given here, with some vital answers detailing the voice actors/actresses of the Inquisitor as well as highlighting the extent to which we can craft items and sadly revealing that Orzammar will not be present in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

    A special thanks to Star Metal Knight who had the pleasure of finding this, so all dues go to them.

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  • 46

    Along with Josephine being officially revealed tonight, an interview with her writer, Sylvia Feketekuty has been posted online.[1]

    "Josephine has worked for years as an ambassador in the royal courts in Thedas. She’s very familiar with Orlesian politics, which comes in handy. She’s an excellent mediator and speaker. Crucially, she knows just how hard it can be to change people’s minds, and how much someone’s ego is tangled up in being “right”. Josephine prefers to gently steer people into agreement whenever possible, but she’ll take a stand when needed. There’s occasionally an iron fist beneath that velvet glove."

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  • 79
    BioWare has finally revealed the girl everyone's been referring to as "Scribbles", whose name, as it turns out, is Josephine Montilyet, and is an old friend of Leliana's. Her main role in the Inquisition is to be its ambassador, dealing with diplomacy, forging alliances and maintaining the good relationship with those allies. Her brief profile can be read here. Read more >
  • 78
    King Cousland

    Raptr are currently running a feature giving Inquisitive fans (see what I did there?) a chance to ask Mike Laidlaw and Mark Darrah questions about the upcoming game.

    The Q & A session will take place on July 8th, with the three best questions (as chosen by Raptr staff) will win a signed copy of Patrick Weekes' The Masked Empire!

    Ask your questions here.

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  • 32

    Here we have an interview detailing Cullen's role and character in Dragon Age: Inquisition. After his reveal yesterday as one of our prime advisors, there is no doubt that in the coming days, more information will be revealed about the advisors of the Inquisition, with the "Scribe Girl" being a prime favourite to be revealed next.

    The link to the interview can be found here.

    Brienne Battye asserts that: "Cullen spent more than half of his life in service to the templars. He's gone through a lot over that time. He survived what happened to the Circle Tower in Dragon Age: Origins, then watched Kirkwall fall to chaos in Dragon Age II. In Inquisition, the sky's torn open, demons are running loose, there's war… things aren't exactly looking up."

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  • 90
    King Cousland

    Cullen is the next character to be featured on the Inquisition website, revealing him as being a "vital component" in the foundation of the modern Inquisition.

    If BioWare follows the pattern it has thus far stuck to, fans can expect an interview with Cullen's writer, followed by a profile of the final advisor, the as yet unnamed "Sribe girl".

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  • 13
    The Collector's/Inquisitor's Edition of Dragon Age: Inquisition is now available for the PC in Europe.[1]
    Unlike the PC Edition available on, the Edition for Europe retails for €10/£10 cheaper than the Editions available on all other platforms at €159.99/£129.97. The reason for the lower cost of this edition is that it does not include the Flames of the Inquisition DLC, which will be available for purchase separately.[2]
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  • 30
    King Cousland

    Following her official reveal yesterday, an interview with Leliana's writer Sheryl Chee has been released.

    Chee describes Leliana as "not as carefree" as she was in Origins, presenting a more guarded personality. However, players will also see Leliana "coming to terms with her past" and "where path might take her in the future".

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