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This page lists news items posted at the Dragon Age Wiki.

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Current news Edit

  • Liaison Shaw

    A new pack of items has been released for Dragon Age: Inquisition, titled Spoils of the Qunari. The description of the DLC can be read on their official site as follows:

    "Finally, a content pack that satisfies the demands of the Qun has arrived for Dragon Age: Inquisition! With the Spoils of the Qunari item pack, you can now proudly represent your dedication to discipline and bring a touch of Par Vollen style to your Inquisition. Personalize your game experience with new loot, crafting schematics, a massive warrior throne for Skyhold, and an armored war mount!

    The Spoils of the Qunari item pack is available to download now on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 for $4.99. Learn more about it here."

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  • Henio0

    If you are still one of those who did not acquire Dragon Age: Inquisition, or if you own the console version of it and want to give it a go on the PC, BioWare has news for you.

    "Dragon Age: Inquisiton Trial" was just made available through Origin for free. The Trial version will let players enjoy six hours of the single player campaign of the game, and unlimited multiplayer, essentially making Inquisition's multiplayer a Free to Play. No news about such development for consoles.

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  • Kelcat

    Hey, guys! As you may have seen in a recent forum topic, the Dragon Age wiki is helping wikia test out a new "flags" system. Read here for the official info.

    What this basically is is a replacement for the current templates we use on articles such as , etc. Instead of manually going into an article to add one of these tags, you can just click on the edit dropdown box and select "flags" this will bring up a box with all of the current flags that can be used. Just check the box next to the one(s) you want to add, fill in the fields (like what info is missing, or the name of the article to "see also", and voila! They're added to the article. You can also hover over an existing flag on an article to edit it.

    This looks to be a great new addition, both for new editors unsure of the exact wording of tags they want to use, and for all editors who are into ease and convenience.

    It's still a work in progress so if you have suggestions/questions/concerns about the functions of the feature, be sure…

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  • HD3

    Good News Everyone!

    New Features have been added to Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer!

    Enter the Proving Grounds

    If you’re looking to ease your way into Dragon Age: Inquisition’s multiplayer, look no further than the Proving Grounds! Whether you’re trying multiplayer for the first time or want to test out a new character or weapon, the Proving Grounds is the perfect environment to get your feet wet.

    The Proving Grounds begin with a guided experience to help you familiarize yourself with multiplayer. A team of AI-controlled agents will accompany you on your mission—at a reduced difficulty level to introduce gameplay mechanics without leaving you feeling overwhelmed.

    Once you’ve completed the tutorial, you can come back to the Proving Grounds at any time to practice.

    A Creation of Nightmares

    Do you laugh in the face of peril? Can you defeat a dragon solo without suffering a single scratch? Well, we’ve got a test for you, fearless agent of the Inquisition: Nightmare Difficulty.

    That’s right, w…

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  • Lazare326

    "DRAGONS! Venture deep enough into the far reaches of Thedas, and you're bound to cross paths with Dragon Age: Inquisition's apex predators. They're big, they're bad—Maker's breath, they're even in the title of our game—and now they're coming to Skyhold! We've added a new dragon-themed prop set for you to use at Skyhold, but it's only available to the worthiest warriors.

    How can you get this cool new set of items for your Inquisition? Play the Fereldan Castle map in multiplayer mode and defeat one of its three dragons. Easier said than done! Whether you team up with a group of agents or perform this challenging feat by yourself, the choice is yours. Take down a dragon by any means necessary, and you'll be awarded this prop set for your single-player campaign.

    The Dragon Props set includes dragon eggs, dragon skulls, a wyvern statue, and more to make Skyhold a little more impressive to your allies and intimidating to your enemies. To use these items, simply select them from the Skyhold c…

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  • RShepard227

    Don't know why I'm doing this, this is Lazare's job. Or HD3's. Anyway, the eighth patch for Inquisition went live [1]. This one focuses on multiplayer fixes and adjustments.

    Detailed changes include:

    • Introduced the Save Importer, allowing players to migrate their save games to current-gen consoles. Click here for more details.
    • [Multiplayer] Introduced new and rare high level weapons, including some from the Avvar clans.
    • [Multiplayer] Introduced one new T4 accessory.
    • [Multiplayer] Introduced Proving Grounds, a new tutorial level accessible from the class selection screen.
    • [Multiplayer] Introduced Nightmare difficulty, a step up from Perilous.
    • [Multiplayer] Fixed an issue that caused the Multiplayer menu to be reloaded after a quick match failure.
    • [Multiplayer] Fixed an issue when using Reset Ability Points with a full inventory.
    • [Multiplayer] Fixed an issue which could prevent Multiplayer maps from streaming in during high latency matches.
    • [Multiplayer] Fixed the text for the Challenge “Relen…
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  • Lazare326

    BioWare will no longer create Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC for last generation consoles. The link, which can be found here, details how 'existing Playstation 3 and Xbox 360' players will still be able to carry their save files over to current generation consoles, if they stick within the 'same family.' Also, if you happened to have purchased DLC for your last generation version, you will be able to carry them over for free. This news comes after Mike Laidlaw himself talked about the difficulties of creating content for previous generation consoles, which forced some ideas to be cut out, so any future DLC may incorporate these 'ideas.' Nonetheless, you are still expected to buy a new copy of the game--without any discounted price--though the game is decreasing in price.

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  • HD3

    Good News Everyone!

    A new Dragon Age Comic series wil be released this november!

    Dragon Age: Magekiller, Dark Horse Comics' upcoming ongoing series set in the world of Dragon Age, is an official addition to the setting that promises to show us some never-before-seen sights from the far reaches of Thedas. But if there's any reason to get more excited about it, it's that it's being written by one of the smartest writers in comics today, Greg Rucka, and he's a big fan.

    Rucka is a long time lover of roleplaying games — pen and paper or computer-based — and considers them an excellent storytelling tool, especially for folks who write regular old non-interactive fiction. As far as computer roleplaying games go, Bioware has his respect and affection — as a writer and a player — for their emphasis on "the importance of character and story."

    ""We want the Tevinter Boba Fett.""

    "I think the effort that Bioware has consistently put into every on of their roleplaying games — we can talk about Mass Eff…

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  • HD3

    New Calpernia Short Story

    June 3, 2015 by HD3

    Good News Everyone!

    To celebrate the upcoming release of Dragon Age: The World of Thedas Volume 2 BioWare have released a new short story about Calpernia written by Joanna Berry. It is titled Paying the Ferryman.

    Read it here: [1]

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  • HD3

    Good News Everyone! Bioware has also released a new patch adding some new options and fixing several bug issues for Dragon Age: Inquisition!

    Please see below for details.

    Dragon Age™: Inquisition Patch 7

    • [PC] Added new feature that allows users to sheathe and unsheathe their weapons. This feature can be accessed via the key-binding screen.
    • [PC] Fixed an issue which could result in fog looking wrong when running SLI/Crossfire configurations
    • [PC] Fixed an issue which would place the AOE targetting reticule to be placed in odd locations when using the mouse look toggle feature
    • [PC] Fixed some issues which could cause flickering when alt-tabbing while running the game under SLI / Crossfire.
    • [PC][Xbox 360][Xbox One] Fix for Dragon’s Bane Achievement to unlock after killing any 10 High Dragons.
    • [PS3][PS4] Added trophies for the upcoming “Jaws of Hakkon” DLC
    • [PS3][PS4] Fix for Dragon’s Bane Trophy to unlock after killing any 10 High Dragons.
    • Added some thrones in Skyhold for players who own DA1 and/or…

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  • DhampireHEK

    BioWare (finally) announced that the Black Emporium will be released on May 5th on all platforms for no extra charge.

    Some features include new gear/schematics, the Mirror of Transformation (allowing you to change your Inquisitor's appearance), and two new thrones for people who played DAO and DA2!

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  • Lazare326

    BioWare have announced a new expansion for their multiplayer platform which will allow you to test your 'mettle' against dragons! New agents include: Zither, Isabela and the Avvar warrior Skywatcher. The full details can be found here. It is available on May 5th at no additional cost on all platforms.

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  • Loleil

    New Samson short story

    April 30, 2015 by Loleil

    To celebrate the upcoming release of Dragon Age: The World of Thedas Volume 2 BioWare have released a new short story about Samson written by Joanna Berry. It is titled Paper and Steel.

    Read it here!

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  • HD3
    • 2/04/15

    Good News Everyone!

    Bioware have announced a new DLC character for Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer! They also gave some rather obvious hints as to further mutliplayer characters they're looking to add.

    ZITHER!, the Virtuoso, revealed for Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer!

    ZITHER! was once a household name in Orlais, playing for packed auditoriums of nobility and commoners alike. But then the Circles rebelled, his templar manager tried to kill him, and he’s frittered away all his gold drinking in a riverside tavern in Cumberland for the past two years, unable to get a gig. The Inquisition is his one chance at a comeback tour, and he's going to grab it with both bejeweled hands.

    Mark of the Riff

    Can't Stop the Music Icon

    A Little Knight Music


    ZITHER!, the Virtuoso, is the Inquisition’s first musically inspired multiplayer agent. Although a mage by birth, his true strength—like his heart—lies in his music. When he plays, ZITHER! infuses his lute with the elemental powers of r…

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  • HD3
    • 2/04/15

    Good News Everyone! Bioware have announced a new Dragon Age Web Browser based game!

    Dark Cave, Deep Love A Tale of Nug Meets Nug

    Embark on a bold new adventure in never-before-seen parts of Thedas. As the new nug in Nugtown, it's your time to make friends, find love, and avoid getting eaten.

    Explore vast fields and deep caves in a world where the promise of adventure lies around every corner, as does sudden, inexplicable death.

    Dress up, head out, and stay in the shadows as you go looking for love in all the nug places.

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