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Current news Edit

  • 28

    Weapon & Shield abilities

    September 16, 2014 by Margerard

    BioWare continues revealing abilities for each class. This time around it's about warriors again, specifically those who use weapons and shield. The new addition seems to be the Payback Strike. Judging by the description of Shield Bash, let's hope shields will be more effective as weapons than they were in Dragon Age II, just like one could deal a decent damage with a shield in Dragon Age: Origins.

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  • 105

    Following the previous interview in regards to Skyhold, BioWare have gone on to release new information which can be found here. In part 2 of this interview series, Cameron Lee goes on to discuss the war table, and the role of your advisors.

    Upon being asked what types of tasks can be carried out on the war table he claims: "There are over 300 missions and operations available on the war table, and they can change depending on your previous choices and actions in the game. There's a range of types: scouting missions to establish the first camp in a new area you'd like to explore, building missions to raise structures in the areas you've being exploring, recruitment missions to bring expertise into the inquisition, treaties, resource-gathering, political assassinations, and many, many more."

    As well as this, you earn influence and power as you explore throughout the game and overcome enemies as well as bringing stability to regions and closing rifts between the world and the Fade.

    It is l…

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  • 138

    Those who prefer the sneaky approach, heads up; BioWare revealed another three abilities for the rogues in Dragon Age: Inquisition. While Twin Fangs have been a dual wielding ability in Dragon Age II, the other two resembles more the previous games' assassin abilities. Just a little more than two months and we shall find out more of what else we'll have in store for our deadly rogues!

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  • 32
    King Cousland

    Following an article introducing Skyhold, BioWare have released their own look at the Inquisition's mountain headquarters.

    Cameron Lee, one of BioWare's producers, discusses the function of Skyhold and the extent to which players can customize and interact with it. The castle is enormous, and is the nervecentre of Inquisition operations - whether The Inquisitor is "directing agents through Thedas" or even determining "the fate of nations", this is where they will do it from.

    Customization of the base also promises to be extensive, with the player being able to align Skyhold's appearance and function with the type of Inquisition they are creating. In addition to building major sections of the castle such as courtyards and towers, aesthetic options will be open to Inquisitors with an eye for decor (just don't let Vivienne intefere...).

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  • 36
    King Cousland

    In addition to the recent reveal of two-handed talents for Inquisitors with a penchant for swordplay, BioWare have today unveiled some of the talents open to mages in the upcoming game, drawing on familiar favourites from both games along with a new fire spell which promises to be hot talking point.

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  • 53

    Two hands are better than one

    September 10, 2014 by Loleil

    Those of you who like swinging large objects will be happy to know that BioWare has given us a sneak peak of three talents from the two-handed tree in Dragon Age: Inquisition. While only the Earthshaking Strike is new, it's always nice to see the return of some classics. Check out the descriptions in the image to the side.

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  • 212

    Gameinformer has kindly revealed more information in regards to Skyhold in Dragon Age: Inquisition. The link can be found here

    They said the following:

    "You don’t start the game with Skyhold as your base of operations. For the early part of the adventure – before the Inquisition is even properly formed – you and your allies gather at the village of Haven."

    "When you first reach Skyhold, it’s not in good shape,” Mike Laidlaw says. “There are holes in the roofs, it’s wrecked, you can’t even go to the entire castle because they haven’t cleared out the rubble yet." As well as this, we will have the pleasure of customising Skyhold.

    With Dragon Age: Inquisition only a couple of months away, expect more details to arrive in the near future.

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  • 331
    King Cousland

    Though the NDA is still in effect and the Dragon Age Keep remains closed to the public, the well-known YouTuber Lady Insanity has been given permission from BioWare to unveil a demonstration of the Keep, complete with an explanation of its function by BioWare's Fernando Melo.

    The video can be found here, while a Q&A can be found here.

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  • 208

    Multiplayer has been confirmed for BioWare's upcoming game Dragon Age: Inquisition. The link can be found here, via IGN.

    Parties will consist of 4 players, and the four-player adventure is going to differ from that of Mass Effect 3’s online mode. As IGN claim: "Both share qualities, particularly in their economies, but in almost every instance, Inquisition’s levels, characters, and economy are significantly deeper."

    BioWare’s Scylla Costa asserted that he hoped that fans “commit to a multiplayer service. That means lots of DLC, lots of new heroes and levels.” With an expansive single player mode, one might expect a connection between the two, however it has been said that missions have a slight connection to the single-player campaign, but BioWare's "award-winning" storytelling is reserved for single player. With Mike Laidlaw claiming that "The campaign is a story about you, and your growth, and your Inquisition".

    Multiplayer runs parallel to that of the Inquisitor’s story as we'll be wor…

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  • 58

    It's been some time since the Combat Q&A first came up, but they finally answered some of the questions asked of them regarding the combat system of Dragon Age: Inquisition. The Q&A involves questions of:

    • Tactics
    • Armor/weapon degradation
    • Cooldown of abilities
    • Instant death moves
    • Dual wielding
    • If there's a chance of someone improving their tactical skills in the game
    • If weapons will be interchangable
    • Arcane Warrior specialization
    • Finishing moves
    • Wether there's a completely new combat skill they can describe or reveal
    • Health and mana/stamina regeneration
    • Cross-class combos
    • If all mage followers are able to heal just as well or are others better
    • If there's anything more to the Inquisitor's power regarding combat
    • How does focus work
    • If there are spells/abilities that will need to be unlocked during the story, or if it will be based on the level-up system

    You can read all the answers to those questions here.

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  • 31

    For anyone who was interested in Dragon Age: The World of Thedas, it appears they intend to release a new volume. Dragon Age: The World of Thedas Volume 2 is already on Amazon, and while there's no description as of yet, the release date according to the site is April 21, 2015 and the price is $27.79.

    Along with the coming The Art of Dragon Age: Inquisition, we will likely have a chance to learn even more of the extended universe of Dragon Age. Is there anything you hope for finding out more about?

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  • 149

    A new Q&A took place in which the Dragon Age writers were asked about their opinions on villains and the writing process behind creating a villain. The interview can be found here.

    David Gaider noted how his favourite villain was Loghain. As well as claiming: "I could imagine myself stepping into his shoes and taking some of the same actions he did… which is a little frightening." As well as this, Sylvia Feketekuty claimed hers was Meredith.

    The interview gives a greater insight on creating villains, with Gaider asserting that "The story is largely from the hero's perspective, so you have to account for the villain's presence from that hero's viewpoint. The player is only aware of who the villain is and what they're doing insomuch as their character is aware of it, and you have to write the villain with the core idea of motivating the player to care about stopping them."

    With a short while left for Dragon Age: Inquisition, it is inevitable that a new batch of villains are introduced. So far…

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  • 426

    As many have heard of it already, Electronic Arts and BioWare is at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. It's been said they will introduce new content from Dragon Age: Inquisition amongst other EA games, so this time it's worth keeping an eye on the event.

    They have released a trailer, in which we might see someone familiar... confirmed by Laidlaw. The appearance will also be customizable.

    Dragon Age: Inquisition official trailer - The Enemy of Thedas:

    In this video we can take a peek at customization, crafting and some more combat against the Avvars this time, with a human female warrior, Blackwall, Cole, Solas, and as a twist, a friendly Avvar:

    The first time the conference was streamed, it started to lag heavily around the 9th minute in the video. To fill the missing part in, here's the IGN version of it, which in turn leaves out the customization and crafting:

    Final update: There was an extended demo shown at Gamescom, which can be found on IGN's site.

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  • 316

    Courtesy of PC Gamer UK and BioWare user ViSeiRa we have lots of new information on Dragon Age: Inquisition. Mild spoilers follow.


    • Red Lyrium is an anti-magic substance... an opposite force to normal (blue) lyrium.
    • Tactics are in (automated AI settings as described by the writer) and apparently you can set how much mana a mage companion can keep in reserve and at which HP threshold would a companion use a heath potion.. so looks like more grained control over tactics.
    • After clearing parts of an area you can set up camps in that area, they give you access to scouts and you gain power, the resource you spend on operations.
    • Certain parts of a map can be locked until you clear other ones.
    • You can mark certain areas as operation points on the map so that you can deal with them when you return to your base of operations, Skyhold.
    • You manage your operations through the war table in Skyhold, and by doing so you get resources like gold and loot or agents, some of the operations are tied to th…
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  • 200

    Alix Wilton Reagan, who provides the British accent option for for a female Inquisitor, is in a new video discussing her role. In the video she discusses things like the importance of having a female protagonist and how she determined what type of voice to use. We also get a brief glimpse of her voice in action.

    Watch the video below.

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