Block and Slash is a warrior ability from the Two-Handed Weapon tree in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Information Edit

  • Damage: 150% weapon damage
  • Cost: 10 stamina
  • Upkeep: 5 stamina per second

Notes Edit

  • Upon activation, the warrior is placed in a defensive position (and does nothing else), and the first incoming melee attack will be blocked harmlessly.
  • This stance can be toggled off to conserve stamina or do something else.

Upgrade Edit

Block and Slash Flawless Defense
Requires: Block and Slash
Countering an enemy's attack now does bonus damage and adds to your guard.

Damage bonus: 50%
Guard amount: 15%
Block and Slash Spinning Defense
Requires: Trespasser
Your counterattack does more damage and now slashes in a full circle.

Damage Bonus: 200%