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Blessing of the Fade is a warrior talent from the Spirit Warrior specialization in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Information Edit

  • Upgrades Beyond the Veil, providing the following additional bonuses while in that mode:
    • +20% movement speed
    • +20% attack speed
    • +25% spell resistance
  • The warrior also gains a permanent +5% spirit damage bonus.

Notes Edit

  • Attack speed bonus of 20% is equal to 0.8 * base attack animation duration. It means DPS is effectively increased by 25%. Refer to Momentum to learn more about attack speed modifiers. It can can stack with Momentum without Precise Striking, as the animation length with both buffs on is exactly 0.5.
  • The attack speed bonus only applies to melee attacks, and not to ranged attacks.

Bugs Edit

  • The movement speed increase doesn't seem to work.

See also Edit

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