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Ser Blackstone is a dwarf of the Warrior caste as well as a squad leader. He is best known in Orzammar for his close combat assaults in the Deep Roads. He is only encountered in the Dwarf Noble Origin.

Involvement Edit

During the quest The Nobles' Feast, if the Dwarf Noble decides to participate in the Provings held in their honor, Ser Blackstone will be the third opponent faced. If the Dwarf Noble decides to watch the Provings instead, they will see a fight between Blackstone and Frandlin Ivo from which the latter will emerge victorious and later on be declared as the champion of this Glory Proving.

Trivia Edit

  • Mardy is interested in Ser Blackstone but she is unwilling to do anything since he is only warrior caste and as a noble hunter she targets nobles only.

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