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Beyond the Veil is a warrior talent from the Spirit Warrior specialization in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Information Edit

  • +50% chance to dodge attacks
  • -10 stamina regeneration

With Soulbrand:

  • +20% spell resistance
  • Attacks deal spirit damage.

With Blessing of the Fade:

  • +20% movement speed
  • +20% attack speed (melee only)
  • +25% spell resistance

Notes Edit

  • While spirit damage does bypass armor, it should be noted that some enemies, Disciples in particular, are highly resistant to spirit damage, and you would be decreasing your damage on them with Beyond the Veil.
  • A very strong combination is to have a warrior with Beyond the Veil, Blood Thirst, Swift Salve and Precise Striking active to reach maximum attack speed and to have a mage set to cast Affliction Hex and Vulnerability Hex. Negative resists are capped at -100%, and so this tactic can effectively double the damage output of a warrior. It is advisable to use the Rules Fixpack to avoid running into haste stacking bugs.
  • Items that increase spirit damage (Dreamsever, Spiral Band, etc.) increase a warrior's melee damage while Beyond the Veil is active.
  • Target with spell shield is immune to its damage, you have to deactivate it.
  • Soulbrand, Fade Burst and Blessing of the Fade passively grants +5% spirit damage each, that is a total of +15% spirit damage when Beyond the Veil is active.

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