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Berserk is a warrior talent from the Berserker specialization in Dragon Age: Origins.

Information Edit

  • +8 damage
  • +10 mental resistance
  • -2/-4 stamina regeneration (negated by Constraint)
  • +1.5/+3 health regeneration with Resilience
  • Conjuration time: 2s.

Notes Edit

  • Upkeep is in stamina.
  • Lengthy conjuration time can be circumvented by moving the character immediately after ordering them to use Berserk. The animation will be skipped, but the mode will remain in effect.
  • This talent will automatically deactivate after combat. It shares this mechanic with Blood Magic. If activated when no enemies are present, it will remain in effect until either the character sheet is viewed, a dialog sequence is triggered or an area transfer is performed in which case it will immediate deactivate and start the cooldown timer.
  • Can be used with ranged weapons, if activated with a melee weapon equipped.

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