This page contains a list of situational dialogue and conversations Belinda Darrow has with other characters in Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer.

Belinda's remarks Edit

  • (Targeted enemy event) So, if you were our target, where would you be hiding?
  • (Sighting a retrieval object) Ooh, ooh! I think I see one!
  • (Entering new zone) They cannot defeat us as long as we stand as one.
  • (Upon seeing a treasure room) You need to see this!
  • (During battle) We fight for what is good and right. We cannot lose.
  • (Fallen) I'm so thankful they gave me a chance to do some good.
  • (Cursed seal on chest) Let's not... go there.
  • (In between zones) So, what's next?

Belinda and Cillian Edit

  • Belinda: I met the Divine Justinia only once before she died. She was lovely.
  • Cillian: She worked for peace. That’s more than many have done.


  • Belinda: I pray the Maker smiles on the Inquisition. Our cause is righteous!
  • Cillian: All men are righteous in their minds.


  • Belinda: I hope to stay and serve the Inquisition, once this war is over.  
  • Cillian: Plan to win the battle first, da'len.  


  • Cillian: I once dreamed of seeing places like this.
  • Belinda: So this is a dream come true for you! That’s wonderful. 


  • Cillian: Being with the Inquisition has opened my eyes to how little I truly understood the world before.
  • Belinda: We’re all having learning experiences. Isn't that exciting? 


  • Cillian: Did anyone try that ham they had at camp yesterday?
  • Belinda: I don’t think that was ham, Cillian. 

Belinda and Amund Edit

  • Belinda: I hope to stay and serve the Inquisition, once this war is over.
  • Amund: If your god calls you, let no mortal stand in your way. Fight any fool who would deny your holy calling!

Belinda and Thornton Edit

  • Thornton: If I survive this, maybe I’ll move to a cottage. Get a dog. And a vegetable garden. 
  • Belinda: Oh, I love dogs! And cats. Ooh, and pigs. And weasels. Except the really grumpy ones.