Battlemaster abilities are abilities available to the warrior class in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Ability tree Edit

Battlemaster Skill Set

Battlemaster Skill Set

Abilities Edit

Grappling Chain Grappling Chain
Activation: 10 stamina
Cooldown: 12s
With a hooked chain and a lot of muscle, you drag your target into arm's reach.
Grappling Chain Give Them the Boot
Requires: Grappling Chain
After Grappling Chain drags an opponent to you, you stun them with a hard kick.

Damage: 200% weapon damage
Stun duration: 3 seconds
Grappling Chain Chains for Days
Requires: Trespasser
Grappling Chain now pulls in all enemies near your target.

Area of Effect: 5 meters
Crippling Blows Crippling Blows
Duration: 10s
You know how to take the fight out of foes. Your critical hits leave enemies weakened. The effect stacks.

Damage reduction: 15%
Hamstring Hamstring
Passive When you attack a target from behind, you leave them slowed.

Speed reduction: 50%
Strength + 3
Coup de Grace Coup de Grace
Passive You deal more damage against enemies that are stunned or knocked down. Better them than you.

Damage bonus: 30%
Strength + 3
Combat Roll Combat Roll
Activation: 20 stamina
Cooldown: 2s
You dive and roll to where the battle needs you to be, whether it's escaping from a group or moving to flank an opponent.
Combat Roll Roll with It
Requires: Combat Roll
You can now use Combat Roll to recover from most disabling conditions.

Removes most disabling conditions
Combat Roll Coming Through
Requires: Trespasser
You now use Combat Roll to damage enemies as you knock them aside.

Damage: 250% weapon damage
Deep Reserves (Inquisition) Deep Reserves
Passive You get your breath back faster than most. When your stamina is very low, it regenerates more quickly.

Stamina generation rate bonus +50% when stamina below 50%
Horn of Valor Horn of Valor
Activation: 35 stamina
Duration: 10s
Cooldown: 18s
Your war horn's blast rings across the battlefield, giving allies the strength to fight harder.

Damage bonus: 15%
Armor bonus: 15%
Horn of Valor That's the Spirit
Requires: Horn of Valor
Your horn's blast calls your allies to even greater glory.

Damage bonus: 35%
Horn of Valor Fortifying Blast
Requires: Trespasser
Horn of Valor now grants guard to your allies each time they deal damage.

Guard Amount: 10%
War Horn War Horn
Size: 8m
Activation: 10 stamina
Duration: 8s
Cooldown: 12s
Your war horn's blast puts fear into the hearts of your foes, leaving them panicked.
War Horn Break Their Spirit
Requires: War Horn
War Horn now shatters your enemy's guard, and panicked enemies are too shaken to defend themselves, leaving their armor sundered.

Armor reduction: 20%
Bonus damage vs. guard: 1,200%
War Horn Seize the Moment
Requires: Trespasser
War Horn no longer has a cooldown. Instead, its effects grow more powerful the longer you wait between uses.