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Bassrath-Kata is a unique longsword in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

It can be acquired by completing The Lost Swords quest. It is class-specific weapon for a Weapon and Shield warrior Hawke, and presented only if Hawke refuses to accept payment when you turn in the first blade for the quest.

You receive the longsword version if and only if Hawke has either Shield Bash or Shield Defense.

Trivia Edit

  • Sten use longswords identical to this version of Bassrath-Kata.
  • Bassrath seems related to the title Ben-Hassrath, which is used by Taarbas to call Hawke, where "Ben-Hass" is replaced by Bas which means "foreigner", while Kata means "glory". (Note: this is similar to Hawke being called "Basvaraad" instead of "Arvaarad" by Ketojan during the quest Shepherding wolves)

See also Edit

Greatsword purple DA2 Bassrath-KataBassrath-Kata
Red Steel
Requires: Two-Handed
39 strength

Damage: 35 physical damage
(57 per second)
+126 attack
+6% critical chance
+10% physical damage
+11 damage vs. humans
greatsword for 2H warriors
Staff purple DA2 Bassrath-Kata Bassrath-Kata
Red Steel
Requires: 39 magic

Damage: 42 fire damage
(57 per second)
+46 mana
+5 mana regeneration rate
+26% healing by this character
+13 damage vs. humans
for mages
Dagger purple DA2 Bassrath-KataBassrath-Kata
Requires: Dual Weapon
39 dexterity

Damage: 39 physical damage
(72 per second)
+4% critical chance
+9% critical damage
+6% physical damage
+12 damage vs. humans
dagger for rogues
Longbow purple DA2 Bassrath-KataBassrath-Kata
Black Walnut
Requires: Archery
39 dexterity

Damage: 123 physical damage
(116 per second)
+126 attack
+6% critical chance
+10% physical damage
+37 damage vs. humans
longbow for rogue archers
Quest icon DA2 The Lost Swords for quest information

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