Bassrath-Kata is a unique longbow in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

This weapon is obtained by completing the Act 3 The Lost Swords quest as an archer rogue, if Hawke does not ask for a reward and has either Bursting Arrow or Pinning Shot.

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Greatsword purple DA2 Bassrath-KataBassrath-Kata
Red Steel
Requires: Two-Handed
39 strength

Damage: 35 physical damage
(57 per second)
+126 attack
+6% critical chance
+10% physical damage
+11 damage vs. humans
Longsword purple DA2 Bassrath-KataBassrath-Kata
Requires: Weapon and Shield
39 strength

Damage: 31 physical damage
(58 per second)
+100 attack
+4% attack speed
+20% chance of deathblows
+9 damage vs. humans
Staff purple DA2 Bassrath-Kata Bassrath-Kata
Red Steel
Requires: 39 magic

Damage: 42 fire damage
(57 per second)
+46 mana
+5 mana regeneration rate
+26% healing by this character
+13 damage vs. humans
Dagger purple DA2 Bassrath-KataBassrath-Kata
Requires: Dual Weapon
39 dexterity

Damage: 39 physical damage
(72 per second)
+4% critical chance
+9% critical damage
+6% physical damage
+12 damage vs. humans